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Couples at the masquerade ball
Couples at the masquerade ball. You might also be interested in these:

Quiz: Which theme party should you throw?


NEW YORK (CIRCA) — Parties are fun, but theme parties might be even more fun. Why should you have to wait all the way until Halloween to dress up in costume? Plus, having to work with a particular theme gives you the chance to show just how creative you can be.

If you want to throw a party to remember and need a little inspiration for the theme, take this quiz for some ideas!

Which theme party should you throw?

Both weed and alcohol have the ability to turn the most boring of evenings into a night of fun, but they'll certainly work their magic in different ways. The two substances have distinct effects on your behavior, mood and decisions, with the potential to seemingly alter your entire personality.

And speaking of personality, you might think you know yours pretty well, whether you're sober, drunk or high. But do you know if your inner self is more similar to alcohol or to weed? This quiz will fill you in!

Are you weed or alcohol?

There are so many choices to be made at the bar, but only one kind of liquor actually fits your personality. And based almost entirely on your drinking habits and preferences, we'll match you to that bottle!

Curious? Just take this quiz to discover your inner alcohol!

What kind of liquor are you?


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