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Furever and Fur Always, wedding day dog care company based out of Maryland.

Making your dog part of your wedding? This company keeps the logistics from getting too hairy


WASHINGTON (Circa) — During a wedding, couples typically want to celebrate the moment with their close friends and family, but what happens when that special someone is your dog?

Many couples are looking for ways to include their pets in the wedding.

Kelly and Brandon Madsen recently got married, and there was no question whether their doodle Bentley would be part of the ceremony.

“Bentley just loves us so much and he brings us closer together, other than our parents he might be the single thing that loves us more than anything in the world," said Brandon Madsen.

Logistics of getting the dog to and from the wedding and who is going to take care of it are some concerns that pop up in the planning phase.

But there is now a company that will do it all for you. Furever and Fur Always is a wedding day dog care company based out of Maryland.

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Yappy Furiday, y’all! We thought we would take a minute to do a #fridayintroduction & just reflect on where we’re at 💪💛🙏 • To anypawdy who doesn’t know these two smiling faces...we are Tiffany & Tehya aka T-n-T {Co-Owners/Co-Founders of @fureveralways} We’re currently still working as an attorney & sales executive while we try to build & grow our Furever Fam. However, deciding to grow this family has been the best decision we’ve ever made. • As a #smallbusiness owner (human in general) it’s easy to get caught up in “the future”— what’s going to happen, what is it going to look like, what will it be like then, how successful will we be. And it’s so easy to forget about the gift we’ve been given which is TODAY. To enjoy what’s happening in this moment as we fall, as we succeed, as we struggle & as we reach fur that 7th cup of coffee in the wee hours of the night seeing the positive response we’ve received from our community. And we wouldn’t change any of it because it’s ALL a blessing. While we always need to have the future in mind it’s important to open your eyes and embrace what’s given to you in this moment. Choose how you can learn from it; what you can give; how’s it going to shape you. • It’s so easy to get worried and caught up in sticking to this “cookie cutter” that our society has created fur us. So remember, do what feels right to YOU! Ask fur help. Lend a hand. Think outside the box. Be authentic. Take suggestions. Leave suggestions. Ask questions. Take the furst step. Don’t ever forget where you started. Keep learning. Talk to people. Focus on the now. And don’t ever let anypawdy tell you you’re doing it wrong, or you won’t be successful, or you can’t do that. Because how are we ever going to find out if we don’t try? • We’ve noticed a lot of people getting overwhelmed in our community with trying to build their business:brand:themselves, so we want to make sure that you know...we got your back and we’re all in this together. Hooray fur another day and who’s ready to make dark circles under the eyes a new fashion statement!? 👀🙋‍♀️☀️ #inspiration #business #entrepreneur #ladyboss #bossbabe #bosslady #femaleentrepreneur #weddingbusiness #dogbusiness

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Owners Tiffany Arana and Tahya Mockapetris started the company because they saw a growing trend of having pets in the wedding. They'll take care of the dog during the big day, dress it, take it to the venue and even walk it down the aisle for you.

“Would you leave your kid out of your wedding? I feel like for most people their dogs are like their kids now, you are with them every day, you walk them, you take care of them, they are your happy place when you come home," Arana said.

Services come at a price ranging from $300 to $600.

Weddings is the U.S. come with a big price tag, according to The Knot's 2017 Real Wedding Study the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $33,391.
But for couples like the Madsens, dishing out extra money to have their dog in the wedding was well worth it.

“Sure up front everything is trying to be cost conservative and you are trying to keep expenses in mind, but then when you start thinking these are things that matter most in the wedding, I'm willing to pay more," said Kelly Madsen.

For the non-pet-loving guests the idea of having a dog in the wedding sounds strange and crazy. But at the end of the day Madsen said the wedding details are not up to the guests.

“It’s kind of our wedding and we wanted something that meant a lot to us, and sometimes when it’s your wedding you've got to be sorry to that cousin or whomever who doesn’t like our dog." Brandon Madsen said. "We love our dog and it’s really important for him to be there."

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