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Knickers the steer

Holy cow! Knickers the steer isn't the only giant animal in the world


WASHINGTON (CIRCA) — The latest internet obsession is Knickers, a giant steer that lives in Australia and is significantly larger than all his fellow cows.

He was deemed too big to slaughter at an auction. According to Australia's ABC News, Knickers is 194 centimeters tall and weighs 1,400 kilograms — roughly 6-foot-4 and 3,086 pounds.

The photos and videos of Knickers towering over the other cows in the herd have given folks online a real laugh.

But when the web eventually tires of Knickers, who's next? Here are some other animals famous for being way larger than average:

Junior, the largest rabbit in America, is a continental giant that's 3-foot-8-inches long and weighs 25 pounds. He's the son of the largest rabbit in the world, King Darius, who is over 4 feet long.

The liger (a mix between a lion and a tiger) is the largest big cat, along with being super rare. This is because it doesn't have the growth-inhibitor gene. The largest one is Hercules, weighing 922 pounds.


Zeus the Great Dane holds the record for world's tallest dog. He measured 7-foot-4 standing up. Zeus passed away at the age of 5 in 2004.

Great Dane

All Galapagos Islands tortoises are among the biggest in the world, but Goliath was the largest one. He died in 2002 but still holds the record at 919 pounds.

Giant tortoise

Bandit the raccoon was the world's fattest raccoon when he was alive. At the time of his death in 2004, he weighed 74 pounds.

Big raccoon

Ulric is the fattest cat in Britain. He weighs 30 pounds and suffers from morbid obesity. He's cute, but his owner and vet are concerned about him, so they've been trying to get him to slim down.


Which animal do you think will be the next great meme?

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