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A definitive list of all the new holiday movies you can stream over Thanksgiving


WASHINGTON (CIRCA) — This year, Hallmark, Lifetime, Freeform and Netflix, are all premiering original holiday movies the week of Thanksgiving. So if you need a break from your family at any point over the next few days, there's plenty of cliche holiday movie drama available to distract you from real life.

We summarized each movie based on its promotional trailer and made a list of the common holiday movie cliches used in each film's plot.


"My Christmas Inn," 8 p.m. ET, Lifetime

Jen is a single girl living in San Francisco and she's too busy working on getting a promotion at her fancy advertising job to think about anything else, let alone visit her weird Aunt who lives in Alaska. Jen is super annoyed when her aunt dies and for some reason leaves her an inn. Jen was planning to work through the holidays because she's a loser but now she has to go to Alaska to sell off her new Inn.

Mind you her aunt hasn't even been buried yet.

When she arrives she meets the super hot small-town attorney in charge of the property. Not only is the good-guy hottie single, he just so happens to have nothing better to do than spend the holidays helping Jen learn what Christmas is all about.
CLICHES: City person goes to small town | Surprise inheritance | Small-town hottie

It’s Christmas, Eve," 6 p.m. ET, Hallmark Channel

She’s a school superintendent back in her hometown working at her old school. She happens to move next door to a hot single guy who’s also the school’s beloved music teacher. She wants to cut his program to save money until she gets an idea to build a GoFundMe page and announce it to the town during the tree lighting where his students happen to be performing.
CLICHES: Return to small hometown | Romantic Christmas tree shopping


"Christmas at the Palace," 8 p.m. ET, Hallmark Channel

The king of a made-up Eastern European country called San Senova is an Olympics super fan and goes out of his way to hire Katie, a retired U.S. figure skater to to help his daughter in a Christmas ice skating performance. To be clear, it’s not a competition. Literally just a performance not even broadcast on TV. Just for the people of this small made-up country.

Katie isn’t dumb and says yes to this weird job offer because it means she gets to live in a castle. In a tale as old as time, the hot young King falls in love with his hired help. Will the people of Senova accept this American peasant as their new Queen?!
CLICHES: Royal falling in love with non-royal | Made-up European country

"A Veteran’s Christmas," 5 p.m. ET, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Grace is a veteran on her way home to Cincinnati from Afghanistan when her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere leaving her stranded in a snow bank. Thankfully the smartest dog in the world finds her and brings her back to his owner, the hot (and newly single) local judge named Joe.

According to the official synopsis, Joe gives her first aid then tows her Jeep to his "uncle’s auto repair shop, where she learns the damage might take three weeks to repair due to the busy holiday season."

Joe isn't just a pretty face, he's also a really nice guy so he offers this total stranger his dog found lurking in the woods to stay in his guesthouse and celebrate Christmas with him and his family. They fall in love, but not before Grace runs into Joe's gorgeous ex-girlfriend and jumps on a bus to Ohio because apparently this bad ass marine suffers from irrational insecurity.
CLICHES: Inviting strangers over for Christmas | Small-town hottie | Someone's stranded

"The Christmas Contract," 8 p.m. ET, Lifetime
Jolie and Foster are high school sweethearts who leave their small town and move to the big city together. But then life happens and they breakup. Now they’re both going home for Christmas and they can’t just avoid each other like normal people do in situations like this because their parents run the town’s annual Christmas Market together and their parents are assholes who refuse to sit this one out for the sake of their children's happiness.

Foster takes after his parents because despite it being less than a month since breaking up with Jolie, his girlfriend of 10 years, he decides to bring his new girlfriend home for Christmas and parades her around town.

Jolie is drop-dead gorgeous but of course she’s single and can’t find a date. Her best friend takes pity on her and asks her hot brother to pretend to be Jolie's girlfriend. As if that's not embarrassing enough, Jolie takes this charde way too seriously and writes up a fake boyfriend contract and makes the brother sign it. Lucky for her, the hot brother loves weirdos and they end up falling in love.
CLICHES: Return to small hometown | Former flame | Fake engagements

"Christmas at Pemberley Manor," 6 p.m. ET, Hallmark Channel
Elizabeth is an NYC event planner who still writes letters to Santa. No, it's not because she’s mentally unstable. In the world of Pemberley Manor, Santa’s real! Elizabeth's friend George asks her to come to his small hometown to plan the Christmas festival. She's oblivious to the fact that George is in love with her and has ulterior motives so she agrees.

Now, this is where things get weird weirder.

A billionaire mogul named Darcy is also in town trying to sell off the mega mansion he inherited from a dead relative (unclear who) called, you guessed it, Pemberley Manor. At some point Darcy and Elizabeth have a meet cute. Then there's a plumbing issue or something at the festival's original venue and Elizabeth has to ask Darcy if she can use his giant mansion. He says yes and even helps her decorate. George gets his heartbroken, more chaos ensues until Santa Clause (he's real, remember?) shows up and saves the day.
CLICHES: City person goes to small town | Billionaire with a heart of gold

"The Christmas Chronicles," 3 a.m. ET, Netflix

The only thing you need to know is that Kurt Russell plays the role of Santa.
CLICHES: Santa is real | Christmas needs to be saved


"Christmas in Love," 12 p.m. ET, Hallmark Channel
Ellie makes cookies in a small town's bakery that are so good, they've gone viral. Big-city CEO Nick hears about Ellie’s famous cookies and descends upon the town bringing his big-city automation ideas with him. He wants to lay off all the employees and turn the bakery into an online cookie making money factory!

Ellie is horrified but Nick is really hot and pickings are slim in this small town so Ellie says 'to heck with it!' and falls in love with the guy trying to destroy the lives of all the people she knows and loves. She's not a monster, she's just naive! Ellie thinks she can change Nick’s mind about the whole wanting to make a lot of money selling cookies thing. Nick thinks Ellie's passion for her little town is adorable but he's hoping she'll get over it once she sees how rich they’re gonna be.
CLICHES: City goes country | Billionaire with a heart of gold

"Return to Christmas Creek," 9 p.m. ET, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Career-focused city gal who hates Christmas heads to her hometown to try rediscover Christmas spirit. Her childhood best friend Mike, who still lives in their hometown, grew up to be a handsome, successful, and super nice guy.

In between a lot of family drama that city gal has to solve, they fall in love.
CLICHES: City person goes to small town | Small-town hottie

Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe 8 p.m. ET, Hallmark Channel

Darcy is a career-focused independent gal who heads to her small hometown for Christmas. Her dad owns a local restaurant and his biggest rival is a hot single guy named Luke who's right around Darcy's age. The town is throwing a holiday charity event and they need lots of food for reasons that are unclear in the trailer. Either way, since there are only two restaurants in town, Darcy and Luke are forced to work together. It's like Romeo and Juliet except instead of tragic death there's holiday cheer.
CLICHES: City person goes to small town | Small-town hottie

"Christmas in Evergreen: Letter to Santa," 10 p.m ET, Hallmark Channel

Lisa is a city girl with a a high end retail job. She's going home to her small town for the holidays and she can't wait to brag about her new fancy life to all the locals she couldn't wait to move away from after college. Lisa is shocked to find the old-timey general store she loved but never shopped at has gone out of business. Lisa makes it her mission to re-open the store because what else are her big city retail skills good for if not to help the plebes she once called neighbors. Along the way she realizes she needs people with actual skills to help her so she hires Kevin, the hot small town contractor who just so happens to be single.
CLICHES: City person goes to small town | Small-town hottie

"Christmas at Graceland," 6 p.m. ET, Hallmark Channel
Big city girl goes home to her small town outside Memphis and runs into her ex, a local music producer. She’s there to handle business for her big city job but she’s overcome with memories of the days when she and her ex were a musical duo on the brink of stardom.
CLICHES: Old Flame | City person goes to small town

"Hope at Christmas," 7 p.m. ET, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Sydney moves to a small town with her daughter to live in the house she inherited and is hanging out at the local bookstore when she meets an attractive single guy named Mac. Not only does Mac love Christmas, he’s the town Santa! Ho ho ho indeed.
CLICHES: City person goes to small town | Small-town hottie

"Christmas Everlasting," 8 p.m. ET, Hallmark Channel

Lucy is a big-time NYC lawyer. She’s about to make partner so she’s too busy to answer her sister's phone calls. Right before Christmas her sister passes away and she has to go back to their small town for the funeral. Her former high school sweetheart still lives in town and also happens to be her sister's attorney. In her will, her sister requires Lucy to spend the holidays in their hometown.
CLICHES: City person goes to small town | Small-town hottie | Career woman too busy to have a life


"Last Vermont Christmas," 5 p.m. ET, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Three sisters come home for Christmas to find out their parents are planning to sell their house after the holidays. As if that’s not conflict enough, they’re selling it to one of the sister's ex-boyfriends.
CLICHES: City person goes to small town | Small town-hottie | Old flame

"A Shoe Addict’s Christmas," 8 p.m. ET, Hallmark Channel
Noelle is a retail worker stuck working on Christmas Eve. She gets trapped inside the store because of snow and while she’s cleaning up the shoe department, her guardian angel shows up to take her on a journey through her Christmas past, present and future.
CLICHES: Guardian angel | Department store

"The Truth About Christmas," 9 p.m. ET, Freeform
The most 2018 holiday movie ever made is every political pundit's worst nightmare. Jillian is a political consultant working on her boyfriend's mayoral campaign. Everything goes smoothly until a store Santa puts a curse on her (or something; the trailer is unclear) and she loses her ability to lie.
CLICHES: Santa is real | Career woman too busy to have a life

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