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Steve Aoki's new comic book series 'Neon Future' is a techno-surrealist dystopia

Steve Aoki's new comic book series 'Neon Future' is a techno-surrealist dystopia



NEW YORK (Circa)—In a future 30 years from now, advanced technologies have rendered humans useless, throwing the world economy into disarray. In response to the fallout of human necessity via automation, the United States government has passed "Article 10," which effectively bans any and all advance technologies in the hopes of bringing jobs back to people.

Unfortunately, for those who've integrated advanced technology into their bodies, this legislation most certainly means death.

Impact Theory Studios

At least that's the world world-renowned EDM music producer and DJ Steve Aoki has imagined in his new comic book series "Neon Future."

"You know I was obsessed with this idea,” said Aoki, “of convergence of technology, the future of technology with our humanity and where we can go, the endless possibilities.”

The two-time, Grammy-nominated musician has collaborated with Impact Theory Studios to bring his phantasmagorical techno-fantasy to life.

Impact Theory Studios

“Steve and I wanted to flip the convention of traditional sci-fi where science and technology are essentially the enemy,” said Tom Bilyeu, the founder of Impact Theory Studios, “And where we start is removing technology as the enemy because it's technology that ultimately gets us out of the dystopian future.”

Aoki and Bilyeu announced the comic series—eponymously named after Aoki’s albums Neon Future I and Neon Future II—at New York Comic Con 2018.

The story follows the lives of those battling in a civil war between “Authentic” and “Augmented” humans. Essentially, augmented people—otherwise the techno-class—are those who have “chosen to integrate technology into their bodies,” whereas the Authentics have not.

Impact Theory Studios

The Aoki-inspired character Kita Sovee leads the underground resistance, which seeks to attain a future where humans live in harmony with technology.

“I think we'll all be living forever through our technology,” said Aoki. “Like, we'll all be living indefinitely.”

To purchase the first issue of Neon Future, go here.

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