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Here's everything you need to know about 'Venom' before seeing the movie

Here's everything you need to know about 'Venom' before seeing the movie


LOS ANGELES (CIRCA) - He's violent, mean, controlling, and he eats people.

The Spider-Man nemesis may seem like a simple Marvel baddie in the new movie "Venom" starring Tom Hardy, but the infamous villain has a complicated comic origin spanning more than 30 years.

The Amazing Spider-Man #252
The cover of "The Amazing Spider-Man #252" (May 1984). (Marvel)

The iconic black suit made its debut back in 1984 as Spider-Man's "Alien Costume," but it wasn't until years later that the suit became the Venom character we know today.

Venom made his first full appearance in Marvel's classic event story "Secret Wars" (1988), in which the alien symbiote suit bonds with Peter Parker to create the entity known as Venom. But Parker would come to reject the suit due to growing concerns about the affect it was having on him.

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Parker then turned to none other than Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four for help. He concluded that the suit was actually an alien entity using him as a host, and the longer he wore the suit, the more complete the bonding process would become.

Marvel Comics Secret Wars #8
The cover of "Marvel Comics Secret Wars #8." (Marvel)

The symbiote resented Parker for rejecting him and turned to his real-life nemesis, failed reporter Eddie Brock, to become the next host. With their combined hatred of Parker and the power of the suit, the Spider-Man villain Venom was born.

Despite his tendency to eat people, the character Venom was an instant fan favorite. This led comic book writers to gradually soften the character into an antihero rather than a traditional villain. The greatest example of this can be seen in the "Agent Venom" comic series, in which the symbiote bonds with a wounded soldier to aid the U.S. government.

Venom Vol. 2 #24 (2012)
The cover of "Venom Vol. 2 #24" (2012). (Marvel)

"Venom" is now in theaters.

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