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Bruno, the too cool 25-pound cat, is looking for a new home


WASHINGTON (Circa) -- An animal shelter in Illinois has come up with an innovative way to help this cat find a new home.

Wright Way Rescue has been posting the chronicles of their "thicc boi" known as Bruno.

The cat describes himself as someone who spends most of their day laying around. He also likes it when "you scratch the sides of my face and neck. I like to be pet on the top of my head and spine only."

The Facebook post has garnered a lot of attention and has been shared over 21,000 times. There are also more than 21,000 reactions to the cat's swag.

Here is what the shelter had to say for themselves in the Facebook post:


We're not sure how Bruno hasn't found his forever home yet! He's the COOLEST cat!

Hi, my name is Bruno! I am a 7 year-old polydactyl cat who is 25 pounds.

There's a lot of me to love! I am perfectly healthy other than being overweight. I am on a diet, though. I am walking, playing, and doing tricks like this to lose some weight.

When I am in a normal home, most of my day is spent laying around, but never far from my family. I usually prefer to lay on the floor or right next to you, but occasionally I like to be a lap-cat. I also really like playing with my feather wand toy. Not so much my other toys or scratchers, though. I do like to sleep with my foster parents, but at the end of the bed so you still have room.

I like when you scratch the sides of my face and neck. I like to be pet on the top of my head and spine only. I know my tummy is so tempting to touch, but I would prefer if you didn't. I may swat my hand and pretend to bite if you do.

I like to talk to you....a LOT. Be prepared for a chatty kitty! I have a couple quirky traits too....For one, I like to stand on my hind legs! This usually happens when I want food. No, my foster parents did not teach me this. They are not sure how I learned.

Second, I love to be pet while I eat. It took my foster mom a little time to realize what I was meowing about, since she had just put food in my bowl. Soon she found out it's because I want pets while I eats! I will still eat if you don't pet me, but I will meow more and stare at you for a while...I also drink a lot of water. I never drink the water in the kitchen where my food is. I only drink the water that was put in a completely different room. If you have a larger house, perhaps put multiple bowls of water around for me and be sure to give me fresh water at least once day? Yes, I know I am EXTRA.

Overall, I am a pretty laid back, lazy cat who just wants to be in the presence of my owners. I hear I make them laugh and smile every single day, so I hope I can do the same for you!

UPDATE: He has been VERY excited with all of the interest, so he's taking the time to review all of his adoption applications to see which home he'd like best. He is high maintenance after all! If you haven't yet, please fill out an online application so he can review over the next week!

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