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WATCH: US soldiers save fallen flag during severe storm

United States soldiers save fallen flag during severe storm


By Zachary Rogers, WKRC

TAYLOR, Mich. (WKRC) - Patriotism runs deep for two soldiers in Michigan, as they just recently proved in an incredible way.

While they were at a shooting range for an event, a violent storm toppled a flagpole outside. The American flag fell to the ground. It was a violation or protocol.

The two Army sergeants jumped into action to save Old Glory, a treasured symbol of American Freedom and Spirit.

"The wind was really strong that day," said Mike Babour WXYZ News.

Babour owns the shooting range and store that was hosting a patriot week. Sgt. Jared Ferguson and Sgt. Eric Barkhorn were in his store recruiting when the severe weather hit.

"Everyone rushes to the door to kind of to see what was going on," said Sgt. Ferguson to WXYZ News.

"Man this is crazy, power flickered, we had an event going on, we are hoping we weren't losing power," said Mike Babour to WXYZ News.

Sgt. Barkhorn was first out the door when he saw the flagpole break and Old Glory touch the ground.

"I wasn't going to leave the flag on the ground," said Sgt. Barkhorn to WXYZ News.

"It's important not to let it hit the ground like that," said Sgt. Ferguson to WXYZ News. "Everything that we stand for, our freedoms that we have, we carry it on our shoulders everyday."

The two soldiers needed to move quickly. Lightning was striking overhead. Hail was beating down on them. Nevertheless, they had a mission: To save that flag.

An employee of the gun shop ran out with them, bringing a knife that they used to cut the rope and free the flag. The soldiers retrieved Old Glory and brought it back inside the store. They folded it properly, with care, before the handed it back to Babour.

Babour says that not seconds after the soldiers got back inside that another strong gust of wind hit his business. This gust was so strong that Babour says it did about $70,000 worth of damage.

"Hail was really pounding on the roof. The wall fell in but nobody heard it because the other noise was so loud," said Babour to WXYZ News.

Babour posted the video of the flag recovery mission to his Facbook page. It reached over 9,000 views quickly.

"They are not even deployed and they are still back here taking risks," said Babour to WXYZ News.

"Something we would do if nobody was watching anyways," said Sgt. Barkhorn to WXYZ News. "I would hope that anybody else would do the same thing."

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