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Xavier Brinkman comes on to discuss Jason Statham's controversial comments on 'The Meg'


When creative movie squabbles reach the open air, it always looks ugly but boy is it juicy to watch. You know, not unlike a shark in a summer blockbuster! 'The Meg' actor Jason Statham recently came out to complain about his newly released thriller involving a massive monstrous shark, saying that it was not the movie he was originally pitched, having hoped to make a blood adult action movie rather than a goofy end of summer romp. The director, John Turtletaub blames the studios for the tone down, saying that the producers wanted an end of summer blockbuster over a gory shark thriller. Here to discuss are our hosts, Martine Beerman, Morgan Tremaine, and our special guest Xavier Brinkman, who is the host and producer of the "Heard Well Now" podcast.

Morgan thinks it sounds like the movie tested poorly, and they realized they won't make money from a rated R movie, and decided to just make its money by making the film Rated PG-13 to get back its money. Martine says she is excited about the movie, and is hoping they will go the Blumhouse route -- that the movie will be just as violent and show the reactions of people disgusted by it. Xavier actually missed the blood when she saw the trailer, and he gets wether Statham is coming from. Morgan thinks he shouldn't be saying this -- it's unprofessional, and he's giving the movie bad headlines as its about to come out. Martine however thinks that he could bring more people in to see the movie -- and Xavier agrees!

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