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Jaclyn Glenn and Circa Pop Live discuss Roseanne's bizzarre late night YouTube video


Who woulda thought I would have been writing about Roseanne quite as much as I do in 2018? Anyway, following the cancellation of her sitcom reboot as the result of racist Tweets aimed at Valerie Jarrett. Roseanne posted a surreal video reacting to the controversy, with the phrase "I thought the bitch was white" regarding Jarrett. The clip is a lot, and here to discuss it are our ever exciting hosts, Ryan Mitchell, Shira Lazar, and our special guest, creator and vlogger Jaclyn Glenn.

So what does this trio have to say about the video in question? Well... befuddlement for one! The trio watches the video amazed at Roseanne's weird toxic intensity, her smoking as she discusses these things. Ryan calls the whole thing a trainwreck, and Shira feels bad because of all of the mental health issues on display. Shira also wonders, who in their right mind would post that. Do she want to show how crazy she is? Ryan points out: Roseanne doesn't have a team anymore., and Shira points out that it feels more like an outtake video than an apology.

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Valerie Jarrett says she wants to see the whole thing and the contest, and find out what she was trying to focus on. Shira points out -- well why would you post the video to begin with! Ryan points out however, Roseanne has been problematic for a long time, and Ryan doesn't think she should continue to have a platform. Ryan thinks Roseanne should just lay down, and is trash.

Check out the episode above, and watch our trio explore Comic-Con...

...the Cats movie musical...

...wether or not Netflix's "Insatiable", involving a thin woman in a fat suit, is problematic and fat shamey...

...and, watch Jaclyn Glenn discuss the evolution of her digital content!

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