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We asked a doctor for tips on how to get that summer bod you want


Whether you're looking for a summer body or just to get in shape, there's no better time than now, says NYC Surgical Associate's head doctor Dr. David Greuner.

Circa's Kay Angrum sat down with Greuner to find out the best ways to enjoy your summer and stay fit.

From debunking common myths about dieting to the importance of counting calories, Greuner shares all.

Q: What's a common misconception about getting fit?
A: Fitness is obtainable for everybody. Fitness is related to muscle tone and cardiovascular capability. The way you look is basically a result of your diet. So, if you really want to look great this summer. The diet is the first place to start.

Q: What's a myth about dieting that people should know about?
A: I'm not a huge fan of salads all the time. Salads can be very high in calories sometimes depending on the dressings and all the other condiments that you put on it. I'm more of a fan of whatever works for you is the best thing and for me there's a lot of studies that show that high protein and high fat results in better satiety, which means that you're full all the time.

Q: Why do we count calories?
A: People tend to overestimate the amount of calories they're burning and underestimate the amount of food regardless of if it's low fat or not. So, a very, very frequent problem that I see other people have is they work out for an hour really hard. They're really proud of themselves and they eat a huge hamburger, which has three times the calories they just burned. So, clearly they're setting themselves up for a problem.

Q: What should people know when it comes to working out in the summer?
A: One of the huge things that I advocate for is just being outside. Don't work out in the extremes of the day, stay very hydrated and drink a lot of water before you even start so you don't get put behind the 8 ball so to speak and a lot of things that bothers a lot more people that they may not necessarily know about is they could have seasonal allergies and people get sick. So, take things a little slow if you're not used to it and progress lightly into it and it'll probably be much more fun and doable.

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