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Gaby Dunn and CircaPopLive discuss DJ Khaled's incredibly bad sex skills


Honestly, I think the internet was just excited for a chance to talk about oral sex for a second, but still, the point remains-- DJ Khaled is a huge weirdo for not giving his wife oral sex. All of the web was set aflame when an old clip of DJ Khaled on The Breakfast Club resurfaced where Khaled said he would never give oral sex to his wife, but expects the same back because the man is the king and there are different rules for men. First of all, amazing that he gave an interview where he told the world he sucks at sex, and second off the interview sparked a wave of men coming forward to proudly tell everyone they go down on their partners. Here to discuss this perfect news story are our hosts -- Shira Lazar, Martine Beerman and our special guest Gaby Dunn, promoting her new podcast, "Bad With Money" on the Panoply Network.

So what does this trio think of DJ Khaled's incredibly proud lack of game? Martine can't admit he admitted it publicly, and Gaby thinks that Khaled doesn't even think this is wrong, that's the craziest part of it. Shira wonders if maybe his wife isn't into oral sex, and listens to another love language. Shira however doesn't like that Khaled expects it back, and Shira thinks that a man who doesn't get off on pleasing the woman he's with has something else going on with him, issues with intimacy and such. Gaby hates the most that Khaled <i>expects</i> oral sex. No one has to do anything they don't want to do, but Khaled's demanding of oral sex is... well, sad to put it lightly. Good job Khaled. You've got us all talking about oral.

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