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The quicker kind of back surgery



Most people with serious back pain have looked up the basics of back surgery, and the details can be alarming. Typically, those who undergo spinal fusion are looking at

  • Spinal Fusion resulting in reduced range of motion and quality of life
  • Two to three days in the hospital
  • A 10-13 percent complication rate
  • Six months of recovery time

These numbers are intimidating – it’s hard to find a six-month chunk of time to set aside, and the prospect of reduced motion can be scary for those who enjoy athletics and outdoor activities.

Luckily, ultrasonic back surgery offers an alternative and allows those with neck and back pain to seek solutions without putting life on hold. Because ultrasonic back surgery can be carried out by only removing millimeters of tissue and bone to decompress the nerve, the spine’s natural stability isn’t compromised. This approach also does away with the risk of nerve damage and increased blood loss associated with surgeries involving bone cutters.

Ultrasonic surgery tools vibrate at a frequency that melts away the matter pinching nerves. They allow the surgeon to sculpt bone and herniated disk material with the precision of a millimeter of accuracy, making for a procedure that:

  • Avoids spinal fusion and does not reduce the patient’s range of motion
  • Requires no overnight stay in the hospital (and generally only lasts 90 minutes)
  • Has a complication rate of only one to two percent
  • Heals fully in six weeks

The precision of ultrasonic technology allows the bones, muscles and other tissues surrounding a problem area on the spine to remain undisturbed throughout the procedure and its aftermath, making back surgery faster and less risky than ever before.

To learn more about the ultrasonic spine surgery and send in an MRI so an expert can tell you whether you’re a candidate, visit sonospinesurgery.com.

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