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Sam Tsui discusses wether the Fribo, the tech to help people feel less lonely, is cute or cringey


Now that we're eternally interconnected, the next questions as, what do we do with this ability to know where we are at all times. A follow up question is also -- when is interconnectivity too much? Well, these questions get further explored with the release of Fribo-- a cute little robot that is meant to decrease loneliness in those who live alone. Fribo resembles a character from a Miyazaki movie and monitors your comings and goings to tell your friends when you're home, and if you could use a call. Fribo is meant to encourage social interaction, but it's also deeply weird that your friends are getting texts about where you are. So is Fribo cute or cringey? Here to decide are out hosts Shira Lazar, Ryan Mitchell, and our special guest, Sam Tsui.

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Sam Tsui is a YouTuber, musician and producer whose new album "ˇTrust" can currently be heard on all streaming platforms, and whose music video, "Clumsy", drops on April 10th. But what does he think of Fribo? Cute? Cringey? Well, Ryan points out -- this thing sounds like it's kind of for stalkers, right? Martine explains the Fribo and about how it notifies your friends depending on what you are up to -- and Sam immediately declares it cringey, and Ryan and Shira are annoyed by it too. Shira thinks its already creepy Facebook messenger notifies people when you're on the website. Martine defends Fribo -- saying it's not for people who are social like them, it's to encourage lonely people to hang out! But Ryan and Sam aren't for it-- it's hard to tell polite lies that way! How can you pretend you're not home with it? Sam also points out it looks creepy to which I say, folks. I actually like how it looks! Not the part where it collects you're data, but I do like how it looks!

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