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Jersey Shore Family Vacation

The 'Jersey Shore' cast gave us all the juicy dirt on each other at the premiere of their all-new show


NEW YORK (Circa) - Buckle up, because your favorite fist-pumping, T-shirt wearing Jerseyites are back and better than ever!

I caught up with the cast of "Jersey Shore" at the New York premiere of their new show, "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation."

The revival show returns to MTV Thursday (or "Jerzday"), April 5, with a wild two-hour episode.

"Jersey Shore" cast member Snooki (left) and Circa reporter Kay Angrum (right). "Everyone says when you get older you get wiser. No, we're just more degenerate," Snookie told Circa.

This season, the original housemates head to Miami for an unforgettable vacation.

During the cheetah carpet premiere, I had the cast spill the dirt on each of their housemates, and you wouldn't believe some of the responses I got!

KAY: "Who would you say snores the loudest?"

MIKE THE SITUATION: "I'd have to say Ronnie."

KAY: "Who would you say is the messiest?"

JWOWW: "Hmm. This season has to be Ron."

KAY: "Who's the cheapest in the house?"

DJ PAULY D: "Cheapest person would— Jenny! She's very good with her money. So, she's the cheapest."

When asked whether or not the popularity of ride-share apps, like Uber or Lyft, will change DJ Pauly D's infamous "Cab's are here!" phrase, he told Circa: "You know. I tried it. It doesn't have the same ring. It just doesn't do it. 'Ride-share's here! Uber's here! Lyft's here!' It doesn't have the same ring."

"'Ride-share's here! Uber's here! Lyft's here!' It just doesn't have the same ring."
DJ Pauly D
JSFV_ 2-17-18_SMUSH_vinny_pauly_0844_RGB.jpg
"Jersey Shore" housemates DJ Pauly D (left) and Vinny GUadagnino (right).

I also got a chance to catch up with Pauly D's roommate on the show, Vinny Guadagnino, to get his reaction to this tweet that claimed he and Pauly D are "obviously the #1 couple in #jerseyshore history."

"It's true and we're still going strong. We shared a room this time. A couple people tried to break us up and we're like, 'Yo. We're sharing a room together. No one's going to break up the bromance."

Considering it's been about 6 years since we've last seen the cast, I had to ask Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and JWoww about what it's like to do the show for the first time as a mom.

"I feel mom guilt, but I always tell myself I'm working for them. This is all for them," Polizzi said. "As a mom, yes you're being a great mom, but don't lose yourself."

JWoww said she plans to watch this season alongside her daughter.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is also coming into the show different from how the last season ended. Sorrentino, who in the show's trailer can be heard calling himself "The Inspiration," has been sober for 28 months.

For those on the road to sobriety, Sorrentino recommends taking it one day at a time. "Stay on that road," he said. "I'm living the dream and doing what I love to do with my best friends and we here at the Jersey Shore premiere!"


"Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" premieres Thursday, April 5, on MTV in nearly 180 countries.

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