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3D printed cake designs

These 3D printed cake designs are breaking the mold


A Ukrainian architect turned pastry chef is combining her two sets of skills to create design-inspired desserts using a 3D printer.

Dinara Kasko says she wants to create sweet treats that at first glance don't look like food at all.

A futuristic, geometric design - but what is it?

Cut it the object open and all is revealed: it's a cake.

3D printed cake designs

These are just some of the unusual desserts created by the Ukrainian architect turned pastry chef Dinara Kasko using 3D printing technology.

Kasko, who's based in Kharkiv, studied to become an architect, but quit her promising career to start baking cakes.

She faced criticism from family and friends for doing so, but she has since proved them all wrong.

Thanks to social media, her unique desserts and cakes are becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine and beyond.

Kasko uses 3D-printed molds to create her complex geometric desserts.

"The idea behind these desserts was that when people ate them they wouldn't be able to understand what it was," she says. "Is it a cake or not, what is it? Just some kind of colorful object, that was the idea, an architectural object."

Kasko's cakes begin life on a computer screen in her small apartment in Kharkiv.

It's the place where her dreams of sharp-edged shapes and glittery baubles are turned into edible reality.

The cakes are shaped with silicone molds, each one modeled by Dinara herself using 3D design software.

Her creations are filmed and posted on Instagram where there is a growing appetite for them: her latest video has almost 300,000 views.

"Nowadays modern technology allows us to do so much," she says. "Ten years ago, no one would have thought that you could create a mold, a designer piece at home."

Dinara plays with different shapes and angles to create something new and interesting.

It takes from several days to several weeks for her to design one mold and then about a month for its physical production on a 3D printer.

But it's not just the fancy looks that make Kasko's desserts stand out: her recipes are carefully planned too.

"What's more important: the look or the recipe? For me, the recipe is more important because a cake must be tasty. Even if it's really beautiful from the outside but not tasty, or not tasty enough, that is bad. It must be first of all tasty as it's meant to be eaten," she says.

Another distinctive thing about Kasko's work is her focus on creating high-quality content for her social media accounts.

Her short videos show the cake making process as well as the finished cakes seen from different angles, all filmed with professional camera equipment and lighting.

All the filming is done by Dinara's husband, who helps her promote her creations online.

"I did not do anything special to become popular apart from creating good content which appeals first of all to me. I don't have any advertising, my [Instagram] page looks like that of a museum: I like nice works. It's my personal page and my business card," she says.

Dinara sells her molds and recipes online.

She's currently dedicating most of her time to doing culinary workshops around the world.

She has visited China, the US, Russia and a number of European countries to share her knowledge.

Kasko says she's simply putting her own architectural twist on a craft that's existed for centuries.

"Confectioners have always had, and still have, loads of different molds. But usually the molds are all round and streamlined. Whereas I wanted to create molds with sharp edges, provocative ones," she says.

She's hoping her creative geometric designs can inspire others to experiment with their own ways of breaking the mold.

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