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Behold the unicorn tartare! But it's not made with food coloring, despite how it looks.

Behold the unicorn tartare! But it's not made with food coloring, despite how it looks.


You have to hand to it a chef who creates extremely eye-catching dishes that you can actually eat. Enter: the unicorn tartare.

Chef Jason Raffin from Comstock Saloon in San Francisco created this rainbow dish simply to make people smile. And while it may look like this is laden with food coloring, every single ingredient on this plate is natural.

The green stuff is parsley oil, which is made in house by straining parsley and olive oil together until that radiant green is achieved. The purple stuff is juice from a purple cabbage, also made in house. Raffin gently uses a dropper to place both on the plates, then brings the whole dish to the table.

Once in front of the customer, Raffin brings out the real chemistry (magic). He drops ascorbic acid onto the plate, which instantly interacts with the oil and juice to create a brilliant hot pink. The end result is this awesome tie-dye concoction that is just begging to be Instagrammed. In fact, Raffin said he created this dish with Instagram in mind (because, you know, any savvy chef does that these days. It’s 2018, after all).

And by the way, ascorbic acid is just another way of saying vitamin C. It’s totally natural, and totally edible!

And yes we taste tested it after the shoot, and yes, it was as delicious as it looks.

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How weird are your eating habits?
Are you a normal human or are you a complete monster?
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I always thought that I ate Kit Kats weirdly, because I like to scrape off all the chocolate with my teeth until I'm just left with the wafer. But then I realized that this is actually an acceptable way to eat them, especially considering that there are people in the world who eat Kit Kats by biting into the entire bar at once. The entire bar. At once.

Do you do that, or any of the other weird habits in this quiz? Please help me understand why. (Although I will fess up to eating each component of my sandwiches separately to make them last longer...)

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