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Libertarians gave us their suggestions on how to curb school shootings.



In the last three weeks since the school shooting in Parkland, Fla. Democrats and Republicans have been battling in the media and on Capitol Hill over gun policies in the U.S.

But, there's more than just Democratic and Republican ideas when it comes to gun policies, so we wanted to get a different perspective by asking attendees at LibertyCon, one of the largest annual international gatherings for Libertarians, what they think are the best solutions for America's school shooting problem.

Rafael Pardeiro, 41, said there are a number of solutions schools and teachers could be looking at that don't invole guns at all.

"For example, at my daughter’s school they have magnetically sealed doors, they have intercom based entrance through one port only during school hours. Each class room has magnetically sealed doors as well. You can’t access the room once class starts," Pardeiro, a native of Austin, Texas said.

"I think the gun control debate is a distraction on both sides that ends up, as with most political footballs, slowing down the process to actual solutions," he added.

Other Libertarians like Savannah Lindquist, a 23-year-old student at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va. said teachers should be able to defend themselves and their students if they chose to.

"To get a concealed carry permit in most states you have to prove your competency with a weapon, you have to have a background check, and you have to take a written exam. These are people who genuinely care about self defense , that genuinely want to make people safe," Lindquist said.

Lindquist knows first hand of the need for self defense. As a sexual assault survivor, she's been advocating for students with concealed carry permits to be allowed to legally carry on public college campuses.

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Others, like Adam Williamson, a 26-year-old Libertarian from the United Kingdom said Americans should work to find a middle ground between respecting the Second Amendment and making sure only responsible gown owners are allowed to have weapons.

Williamson said he thinks the U.K. gun laws are overall too restrictive, but added "I feel that there should be more comprehensive background checks. In the U.K. that’s done by the police. Interview with the police. Mental health checks..."

"In the U.K., a home visit is required in order for you to get a firearm. A police officer will visit your home and make sure that you’ve got a safe that it’s stored in or that you’ve got a second safe for ammunition. I feel like that’s probably quite a healthy balance," Williamson said. "You’re not restricting from owning firearms, but you know who’s got them, and you don’t allow the wrong people to have them. "

One way to get rid of school shootings? Get rid of schools.

"I really think the whole education system as a whole is just ridiculous and should be abolished," said 29-year-old Canadian James Knox.

"Basically we put kids in prison. We take kids away from their parents, you have to go to school, mandated by law, for 17 years of your life. You’re forced away from your parents and you’re put in this, basically prison, for like 17 years and is it all that weird that some kids are just like, ‘I don’t want to be in a prison.' Like this is crazy, and you go fucking crazy because you’re in prison and then you go and murder people," Knox said.

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Tamara Winter, a 22-year-old from Dallas, Texas, said -- in true Libertarian fashion -- that the solutions to gun violence in schools should come from outside government.

“I’m looking outside government, and looking at the key institutions that were supposed to be there for him. So, family and his community, and so those people failed him first. So, I think if we were to look for universal solutions, like say more gun control or arming teachers, we would be looking a step past what the actual problem was," Winter said.

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