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Men and Women: 'It's Complicated' trying to understand each other


The battle of the sexes is a never ending war. That's right. it doesn't even end when you begin dating someone of the opposite sex. There's always a disconnect, with each side claiming the other doesn't understand. Well, the time for lack of communication is coming to an end.

Many men and women are using the internet as an olive branch, trying to get one side to understand the other. An article written by the Huffington Post broke down specifically what some women wished men knew about them. The list implies that women are just as simple as men, and all they want is for men to just show up and listen. It also suggests that children are more of a priority, a "man cave" should be unisex, and flattery will get you anywhere.

There are even more extensive lists out there. The Elite Daily has a list of 40 things women want men to know. It is highlighted with things like 'gym clothes like basketball shorts, t-shirts and baseball caps are the sexiest things a guy can wear,' 'we like when other women try to flirt with our men,' and 'sex should last a maximum of 45 minutes and a minimum of 15.'

These types of lists aren't completely one-sided. Men are also expressing things they wished women knew about them. According to one article, some men actually like to snuggle. As one person posted on Reddit, 'what is more manly than having abeautiful woman snuggle up to you in bed, that is the best feeling in the world.'

Another man posted he likes when women ask him out. Other popular answers include men admitting they 'pee in the shower, and that being called 'useless' is more offensive than most other insults.

Clearing the air between the sexes is always good, even if the dialogue is happening online and not in person. Just remember, not everything applies to everyone.

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