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Is your Chanel handbag authentic or a fake?



There are five quick ways to tell if that Chanel bag you were given or purchased is fake or the real deal.

The first and most quintessential is the Chanel nlock.

-The right C must always overlap on top and the left C must always overlap on the bottom.
-The CC lock is centered, on a fake the CC is positioned more towards the top.
-Replica Chanel CC locks usually have a rounded finish on the CC.
-Authentic Chanel CC Locks have a flat edge finish.

Then there's the duster bag.

-The duster bag that protects and holsters your new Chanel is as important to proving its authenticity as anything else.
-The letters should be bold and in brilliant white, as opposed to the gray lengthy letters of the fake duster.

Next is the serial number.

-Serial numbers on Chanel bags indicate the bag model and year of manufacture.
-Chanel does not manufacture serial numbers with more than 9 numbers.
-Below are the numbers and time frames to refer to:

Don't forget to look at your authenticity card.

-Authentic cards have the consistency of a credit card, very stiff and rigid.
-Check that the authenticity card matches the serial number inside your bag.
-Fake cards have an iridescent, hologram rainbow effect. Some can be seen better than others, like this example here.

And lastly is the structure.

-The structure is simple, set your bag down and see if it tilts forward.
-The bag should not look ready to tilt or fall. Balance is important to the Chanel brand.

Here's hoping all your handbags are 100% authentic.

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