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Gender roles can make a relationship "Complicated"


Cooking. Cleaning. Head of Household. Bringer of the bacon.

All one word titles or chores that are typically assigned to people in a relationship. Traditionally, all of the household chores like cooking, laundry, and groceries, were thought of as a job for women. Men were typically seen as the breadwinners. That means they went to work, came home to home-cooked meal, and fix all the handy work around the house.

And then feminism happened. And a lot of women, didn't want to just be stay at home spouses any more. They're now vital members of the workforce. And while that's great for women and the country, it seems to have complicated things at home.

According to the Relationship Counseling Center, gender roles can be assigned as early as the honeymoon stage of a relationship. Because you're so head over heels over your partner, you may not mind cooking and cleaning for them. However, as time goes on, your feelings can change.

Your upbringing could also influence your opinion of gender roles. For example, your partner may have grown up in a home, in which women always cooked and took care of the home, while you may have grown up in a home, in which both of your parents cooked and took care of the home. Your lifestyles may clash as you try to continue the lifestyles your parents lived.

The counseling center suggests that both partners are willing to compromise. If both partners are fine living with traditional gender roles, the relationship can still be perfectly healthy, but if thye don't, each of them will will need to exit their comfort zone to make the relationship work.

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