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Dog attack witness wants stricter laws for pit bulls



By: Gary Detman

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) - The woman who shot the video of a pit bull attacking another dog in Okeeheelee Park told WPEC she wants to see stricter laws for people who own pit bulls.

The attack happened last week at the Pooch Pines Dog Park. A pit bull killed a woman's Yorkie and then turned on a second dog. The man who brought the pit bull to the park said he didn't own the dog, in spite of paperwork from the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue that shows he's owned the dog since May 2017.

"Sally" says it's a moment she'll never forget.

"We went to the park to bring our new dog that we had just rescued to allow her to run free in a safe place. She had just gotten off exercise restrictions from being fixed, so we wanted to allow her to have a little freedom to run around now without her leash.

The guy who stepped in to take control of the pit bull was a hero for sure. He sat on the dog and held it down without a leash to stop it from attacking any other dogs or people for that matter. Once that dog killed the first dog, you could tell it was on a mission and still out for blood.

If he wasn't there, who knows what else it would've done. I also felt bad for him, because while he was holding it down, some people were giving him a hard time, because they thought it was his dog, so he had to deal with that too.

When the dog was attacking the second dog, it's jaws were latched on so tight, that one or two men were kicking it to try to get it to release and it still wouldn't stop....similar to how an alligator kills its prey.

My daughter was horrified to witness such a chaotic scene. She is a big dog lover and to see how one could be so vicious really traumatized her. She was really upset for a couple of days, but is doing better now.

Thankfully, the pit bull hadn't entered inside the gated area where there were many more dogs that could've been hurt or killed too. I just feel so bad for the ones that were outside.

It was truly a surreal experience to witness this. It's such a sense of fear and helplessness to see an innocent animal be put through so much pain and not being able to stop it from happening. I don't think we will ever feel comfortable going to a dog park again.

I wish there would be stricter laws for people to own or have pit bulls. I know they can definitely be sweet animals, but they do have a lethal innate desire that you never know will show up or not. They deserve a place here to, but they should only be allowed with people that know how to handle them.

I wish the man that brought the dog to the park would've been more conscious of what he was doing when he brought him there, whether he is the owner or just found him that day. Why would you pick up a pit bull that you don't know and bring it to a dog park, if you don't know its behavior? Why wouldn't you just call animal care and control to handle it? If it is his dog, I would hope that he would apologize to the families that are now suffering from what the dog did and for not trying to stop it."

The pit bull remains in quarantine at Animal Care and Control. A decision on whether it'll be put down has yet to be made. Animal Care and Control told WPEC on Thursday the pit bull will be euthanized next week if no one comes forward to claim it.

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