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The Siesta Key cast divulge details on the new winter premiere and we're now best friends


As a millennial, I grew up watching "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills" on repeat. I dreamed about being Kristin Cavallari and had the biggest connection ever with Lauren Conrad. I was young, impressionable and naturally wanted to dress like those girls, act like those girls and date Steven (other Laguna fans can relate). I might be older, less impressionable and (a little) more mature, but "Siesta Key" has filled this MTV docu-soap void I've been missing for the last eight years and I'm loving every part of it (top ten list coming below).

Reluctant to start the series, as nothing could ever top my adolescent favorites, the recent snow storm that hit NYC kept me inside and needing a show to binge. I gave the first episode a try and ten hours later I had watched the entire season and found myself dreaming about being Juliette, making a serious connection with Madisson and crushing hard on Brandon. I guess some things never change?

I am certainly not the only one feeling the love for Siesta Key as it was ranked as the #1 original cable series in its time period with its July premiere. MTV ordered eight more episodes of the smash hit to quickly bring us superfans some more of the drama. Thankfully, that snow storm came just in time and I was well prepared for the new winter premiere that ran last night on MTV, and more importantly was able to sit down with the cast to talk about it.

These are my top ten takeaways from hanging with the "Siesta Keys" cast:
10- The idea of the show was actually Alex's dad's. He hired a production company to film a pilot (pre-Kelsey's arrival to Siesta Key and pre-Garrett and Kelsey dating) which was then sent to MTV.
9- MTV loved the initial pilot but needed to shake up the personalities a bit, add a little diversity to the cast. None of the original pilot footage has actually been used in the show.
8- A docu-soap is essentially a cinematic version of a reality show. While the show has the look and feel of a scripted series, it certainly is not. In fact, the cast told me while they give the crew major props for making the show look as beautiful as they do, they have a love-hate relationship with the producers who show no mercy when it comes to capturing the real drama.
7- While the first set of episodes was about establishing each cast member, the new episodes focus on their personal lives and personal projects. From Kelsey's modeling to Garrett's business, Brandon's singing career to Juliette continuing school.
6- MTV has not shown any of the "Siesta Keys" cast the new episodes yet and they are a little scared to watch it.
5- They don't plan or pose for those long, slow motion, dramatic solo beauty shots.
4- Alex's jaw being wired shut did not hurt his social game.
3- Garrett was recently on "Watch What Happens Live" and had no idea what the show was before stepping in as the bartender.
2- They are all just as annoyingly gorgeous in person as they are on the show.
1- They are lacking a nice Jewish girl from New York on the show and since we are all now basically best friends, I should probably join the cast.

If you have not watched Siesta Key yet, do yourself a favor and binge the entire season. Then tune in to MTV on Monday nights at 10pmET. You're welcome.

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