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Is your Louis Vuitton handbag authentic or a fake?


There are five quick ways to tell if that Louis Vuitton bag you were given or purchased over the holidays is fake or the real deal.

The first and most obvious is the stamping.

The 'L' in 'Louis' has a very short tail.
The O's are very round, never oval.
The two T's in 'Vuitton' are very close together and appear connected.

Then there's the hardware.

Unfortunately, most fake hardware reveals itself after some use. Fake zippers and pulls tend to rust and discolor very quickly.

Regarding the logos, they should ber light golden tan, never greenish in tone. Also, if your bag is a Speedy or Keepall style bag, the LV symbol will be upside down on one side as only one continuous piece of canvas or leather is used on those models.

The stitching is very specific and if the thread is frayed in anyway then it's likely not the high quality linen thread used on an LV bag. That thread is strengthened with beeswax which assure there are no loose threads. Each stitch will be exactly the same distance apart and the exact same distance from the edge.

And finally, the manufacturer date code can also be an easy tell. All authentic items are stamped with one so make sure there is one on your bag. The first two letters reveal the location (VI is France, for instance).

The first and third numbers are week of the year, up to 52.
The second and fourth numbers are the year.

Here's hoping all your handbags are 100% authentic.

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