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Fly back in time to the 1970s with the Pan Am Experience

The Pan Am Experience lets you dine aviation style like it's the 1970s


The year is 1970 - not 2018.

The Pan Am Experience in Los Angeles is about as close as one can get to time travel. The colors are vibrant and the crew outfits are authentic by reflecting the entire 1970s.

The experience includes a five-course meal served on-board a full-size replica of the first version of the Pan Am 747 Jet Clipper airplane.

The details of the decor are exactly what would have appeared on a Pan Am flight back then.

The text styles on the wallpapers, the seat fabrics, the curtains, the wall carpet . . . everything has been restored back to what it looked like on Pan Am in the early 70s.
Anthony Toth, Captain & Founder

Pan American Airways was the largest international airline in the U.S. from 1927 to 1991.

The company exemplified luxury airline travel during its peak. Traveling was as much about the journey to a destination as it was spending time there once you arrived.

It was actually Pan Am that created the way to fly across the Pacific Ocean and get to Asia; the way to fly across the Atlantic and get to Europe.
Anthony Toth, Captain & Founder
Anthony Toth, Captain & Founder

How The Experience Came About

Anthony Toth is a lifelong aviation enthusiast, and he has worked in the airline industry since the 1980s. He is also the the Pan Am Experience's founder and captain.

Toth told Circa he first flew with Pan Am when he was five years old, and that he has been collecting aviation memorabilia ever since.

One of Toth's largest pieces is the actual Pan Am 747 airplane used in the experience. Toth rescued the plane out of the Mojave Desert 25 years ago.

After bringing the plane back to Los Angeles, Toth took it apart and rebuilt it piece by piece to create the first version of the Pan Am Experience.

The original location and smaller venue for the experience was Toth's Redondo Beach garage just south of central Los Angeles.

It was not long afterwards that his ideas for an upper deck and more grandiose event led him to expand to its current location at Air Hollywood.

Air Hollywood is the world's largest aviation-themed film and entertainment studio.

A couple of notable films that have used the set are "The Wolf of Wall Street," starring actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and "Bridesmaids," starring actress Kristen Wig.

Toth met Air Hollywood's CEO, Talaat Captain, when he was still operating out of his garage.

Captain ultimately convinced Toth to take the aircraft apart and put it back together in the Air Hollywood film studio.

The Pan Am Experience has been successfully up and running at the new location for three years now. It's open to the public for ticket purchases, and it takes place every Saturday throughout the year.

Be sure to watch the feature video above to get a close-up look, and visit The Pan Am Experience website to book your flight.

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