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The secret to the best edibles is cleaning your cannabis


If you live in or around California, you've most likely heard that recreational marijuana sales become legal on Jan. 1. But here is a tip that many consumers may not have heard of before: Clean your cannabis, just as you would your fruit and vegetables.

JeffThe420Chef, a California-based cannabis chef and author of his cannabis cookbook, The 420 Gourmet, says cleaning cannabis is key to making delicious edibles and consuming cannabis safely. He's known for cooking and baking with "specially crafted, strain specific" cannabis oils and butters that barely smell or taste of weed. To achieve that, he has come up with a very specific way of cleaning the cannabis bud, which he demonstrates in the video.

When you don't clean your cannabis, "what you're tasting is all the residual taste from the chlorophyll as well as the residual taste from the burnt terpenes," Jeff said. He says chlorophyll and terpenes, as well as dirt, bugs and pesticides, are mostly responsible for the infamous smell and taste of marijuana. Why keep them in your edibles when you can easily get rid of them, while keeping the trichomes intact?

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"A lot of people have asked, 'well, aren't you ruining the trichome?' The truth is this: The trichome that house the medicine are hydrophobic, meaning that they won't wash off in water. All the THC and the CBD are in the trichome as well as in the hairs," Jeff said.

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After you go through the cleaning process, you'll be left with about 60 percent of the initial weight. But what you'll have lost is only the dirt and chlorophyll, so you'll have a bit more potent cannabis per gram, even though you'll have less grams.

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