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Here are the Top 10 degrees that will get you paid!!


If you're looking to major in a subject that will translate into job security, you've come to the right spot. Even though the unemployment rate currently sits at 4.1%, the statisticians at "Study Soup" got together to see which degrees have the lowest unemployment rate.

Researchers used data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and compared unemployment rates, underemployment rates, and the median wages for college graduates between the ages of 22 and 27. These are the Top 10 majors that can lead to steady employment:

10. Family and Consumer Sciences

This major involves managing the economics of community and home-based relationships. The unemployment rate for the major is 2.8% and the Underemployment Rate stands at 44.6%. Depending on what you do, you can make about $30,000 early on in your career.

9. Civil Engineering

The unemployment rate for civil engineering stands at 2.7% and the underemployment rate sits at 18.7%. It's a crazy stat for a profession with an average starting wage as a high as $54,000. If designing or constructing buildings or bridges interest you, this may be the major for you.

8. Nursing

Nurses make about $50,000 on average starting out and the unemployment rate related to their profession sits at 2.5%. A nursing degree are in high demand and the number of registered nurses expected to <u>increase by 15%</u> over the next decade.

7. Secondary Education

You're probably thinking, "teachers don't make a lot of money." While the average starting salary may seem low for high school level teachers ($34.500), a degree in Secondary Education can lead to career where the average salary of $58,030.

6. Early Childhood Education

Yes, we previously mentioned teacher salaries, and yes, it's worse for Early Childhood Education majors. But this degree also prepares you for careers including child care center directors, educational consultants, and other professional positions. Plus, there is only a 2.1% unemployment rate associated with degree.

5. Nutrition Sciences

This degree can get you a job ranging from clinical dietitian to a position with the USDA. Depending on the gig, you can make an average salary of $58,920.

4. Elementary Education

There seems to be an education theme going. This major is associated with a 18.6% underemployment rate. And sticking with teaching, you can expect a gradual increase to an <u>industry median of $55,800</u>.

3. Agriculture

This major offers job opportunities in a number of areas and is linked to a 1.9% unemployment rate. Soup Study says a degree in Agriculture can range from farm management to soil science. In California, Soil and Plant Scientists make an annual wage of $82,350.

2. Special Education

Yup. You guessed it. Teaching is the way to go. While special education requires having a big heart to go along with the degree, jobs are in high demand. With an unemployment rate that hovers just above 1% and a underemployment rate of 17.3%, finding and keeping a job should be easy after college.

1. Construction Services

Builders are always in demand, and not just the hammer wielding kind. A degree in Construction Services means learning building codes and specifications, construction safety, and electrical systems. Construction Managers typically achieve the highest earnings with a <u>median salary of $89,300</u>. Good money for a major with an expanding workforce and a 1% unemployment rate.

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