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Mike Hughes
In this Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017, photograph, daredevil/limousine driver Mad Mike Hughes is shown with with his steam=powered rocket constructed out of salvage parts on a five-acre property that he leases in Apple Valley, Cal. Hughes plans to launch his homemade contraption on Saturday near the ghost town of Amboy, Cal., at a speed of roughly 500 miles-per-hour. (Waldo Stakes/HO courtesy of Mad Mike Hughes via AP)

A man will launch himself in a homemade rocket in a bid to prove the Earth is flat


An Apple Valley, California man plans on launching himself in a homemade rocket to prepare for obtaining evidence that the Earth is flat, according to The Washington Post.

The Post on Tuesday reported that Mike Hughes will propel himself 1,800 feet into the air this Saturday inside a vessel he built from scrap metal.

Hughes told The Associated Press that the rocket will race through the Mojave Desert at 500 mph for a mile-long flight.

The 61-year-old limousine driver added that should he survive his venture into the atmosphere, it will mark the first step of his ambitious space program to prove the Earth is flat.

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Hughes’ ultimate objective is a future launch that puts him miles above the Earth so he can photograph the planet’s true shape.

“It’ll shut the door on this ball earth,” he said in a fundraising interview with a flat-Earth group for Saturday’s trek.

Hughes promised the group the flat Earth community that he would expose a conspiracy claiming that the Earth is round using his steam-powered vehicle this weekend.

The rocket will launch from a heavily modified mobile home, and Hughes has admitted that he keeps improving his knowledge of rocketry.

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AP on Tuesday reported that Hughes constructed his first manned rocket in 2014, a craft he managed to fly a quarter mile over Winkelman, Arizona.

Hughes then began fundraising for a follow-up flight in a 2016 Kickstarter campaign titled “From Garage to Outer Space!”

The adventurer eventually subscribed to theories that the Earth is flat, however, after struggling for months to secure funds for a second journey over the Mojave.

A subsequent GoFundMe fundraising campaign by flat-Earth believers raised nearly $8,000 for Hughes, and by November, his $20,000 rocket had “RESEARCH FLAT EARTH” on its side.

There is no single hypothesis for how the Earth appears if it is flat, but many believers imagine it as a flat disc ringed by sea ice which naturally holds the oceans in.

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