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Meet the Colombians leading the way in Cartagena's emerging fashion blogging scene



Catherine Ricuarte Lopez and Borys Castro are exceptionally fashionable people, so it’s no surprise that these two are leading the way in Cartagena’s emerging fashion blogging scene. Their Instagrams are so beautifully curated and colorful, it's pure escapism into the heart of Cartagena -- as much a jaunt into beautiful photography as it is beautiful fashion. All these images, by the way, come from their Instagram pages. Borys is @iamborys, and Catherine is @cathericuarte.

I know, you’re probably thinking -- fashion blogging? What’s new about that? It’s so ubiquitous in the U.S. - every millennial woman calls herself a fashion blogger. (Ok… not every woman, but I don't think it would be a stretch to say 90 percent of female millennials on Instagram are at least trying to do fashion blogging). But in Cartagena, Colombia, it’s still an emerging scene. There are really only a handful of people doing it, and an even smaller pool of people doing it well. We sat down with Borys and Catherine, two of the top bloggers, to find out what fashion blogging is like in Cartagena and how it’s different from the U.S.

Catherine and Borys both say it’s been hard being taken seriously in Cartagena, where fashion blogging isn’t considered real work that can lead to careers and making good money, like it has been here. Catherine told us that people often confuse fashion blogging with modeling, or just something fun that young people do.

“But no, I’m too short to be a model!” she jokes.

Borys emphasized that being a fashion blogger takes a lot of hard work. It’s a 24-hour job, thinking about striking that perfect trifecta of good content, good fashion, and good photography. People in Cartagena don’t understand that part yet, they say, but that doesn’t stop them. And I have to say, scrolling through their pages, both Borys and Catherine are absolutely killing it at with their posts and content.

Most notably, as Catherine put it, the weather of Cartagena directly affects how people dress there. Cartagena, on Colombia’s northern coast, is a Caribbean town. It’s hot, sticky (soooo sticky!) and prone to torrential tropical rain. That’s the key word -- it’s tropical. So, typical fashion trends that dominate the streets of, say, New York, which then trickle down to the rest of us, don’t fly in Cartagena. Borys says designers have to work with light fabrics, things that are soft, like linen. For obvious reasons.

Both their Instagram pages perfectly show off the fashion of Cartagena: colorful, patterned, frills, ruffles, and gauzy materials. If nothing else, you will want to dive headfirst into one of their Instagram photos à la Mary Poppins and experience the tropical vibes that dominate Cartagena lifestyle.

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