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This barn in rural Connecticut happens to house some super cool space stuff


Carl Sagan told me we're all made of star stuff, that we all have the universe inside us. I think that's awesome.

However, the other day, when I spoke to John and Peter Kleeman, they told me all their star stuff was inside the hay barn out back.

I think that's awesome, too. And, I want us all to see it.

Today, we're live at the Space Age Museum. It's not open to the general public, but the Kleeman family sure wants it to be. And, maybe this story can help make that happen.

We're talking to them about their impressive collection of space-themed memorabilia, the barn and other locales where their collection currently resides, why such a collection exists, and their future plans to share it.

As I've been talking to the Kleemans about doing this story, it's become quite clear their family has an affinity for things, shall we say, off-planet. The Space Age, which was launched alongside Sputnik in 1957, absolutely altered our historical and, yes, our pop culture. The Kleemans recognized that immediately, and their future museum's trajectory originated.

Without successfully rocketing ourselves towards the stars, would we have ever cared to make or watch TV shows or films about the wars between them or the crews destined to boldly trek amongst them? Probably, but that doesn't really help me make the point I'm trying to make, does it?

That point? That not only eyeing, but taking to the skies means we're capable of caring about, and seeking out, something significantly outside of ourselves. It means big leaps, both physical and mental, not to mention scientific, altruistic, and even romantic, are not only possible, but plausible.

Romantic. That sounds funny but it's exactly what I've been being about space exploration and its cultural significance in these last several paragraphs.

I know, I'm an entertainment producer/reporter, but that doesn't mean the only stars I love to gaze at are whizzing down red carpets.

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