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President Trump held a press conference discussing his Asia trip



Trump said the one common thread behind shortcomings of past administrations over the past decades was, "failure to protect and promote the interests of the American people and American workers." Trump continued that he promised to "rebuild America and restore it's economic strength and defend it's national security."

"Over the past 10 months, traveling across the globe and meeting with world leaders that is exactly what I have done," said Trump.

Trump mentioned meeting with international leaders and discussing plans for defeating ISIS and creating Middle East peace.

He said, "NATO is very happy with Donald Trump. In Warsaw, I declared to the world, America's resolve to preserve and protect Western civilization and the values we hold so dear. In Rome, Sicily, Hamburg and Paris I strengthened our friendships with key allies to promote our shared interest of security and prosperity."

"NATO is very happy with Donald Trump."
President Donald Trump

"On each trip I have worked to advance American interests and leadership in the world," he said.

Trump said his trip to Asia was defined by these three goals:
1. To unite the world against the nuclear menace, posed by the North Korean regime. A threat that has increased steadily through many administrations and now requires urgent action-
2. To strengthen America's alliances and economic partnerships in a free and open Indo-Pacific, made up of thriving independent nations respectful of other countries and their own citizens, and safe from foreign domination and economic servitude-
3. Insist on fair and reciprocal trade.

Regarding "fairness and reciprocity" Trump said this is a firm warning to every country that cheats the United States, breaks the rules and engages in economic aggression. He continued, "We are going to start whittling that down, and as fast as possible."

"Economic growth has been over three percent the last two quarters and is going higher, unemployment is at it's lowest level in 17 years, the stock market has gained trillions of dollars in value since my election and has reached record highs. We are massively increasing our military budget to historic levels, the House has just passed a nearly 700 billion dollar defense package and it could not come at a better time for our nation," said Trump.

Trump said, "In Asia our message was clear and well received; America is here to compete, to do business and to defend our values and our security."

In Asia our message was clear and well received; America is here to compete, to do business and to defend our values and our security.
President Donald Trump

Trump said the trip started in Hawaii as they were gearing up for Veterans Day, then they went on to Japan. He discussed some of Japans plans for their military, sanctions on North Korea, ways the U.S. will work with Japan on jobs and deepen their trade relationship.

Following Japan, Trump went to the Republic of Korea. He said he called on every nation including China and Russia, "to unite in isolating the North Korean regime, cutting off all ties of trade and commerce until it stops it's dangerous provocation."

"We have to denuclearize North Korea," said Trump.

We have to denuclearize North Korea.
President Donald Trump

Trump said he visited soldiers at Camp Humphreys, a joint American/South Korean base. He discussed military options and readiness to react to North Korean provocation.

After their time in South Korea Trump went onto China. He said that China recognizes the threat North Korea poses and that they will not accept a "freeze for freeze" agreement, like those that have failed in the past.

"The days of the United States being taken advantage of are over," he said. "Trade abuses harm the United States and it's workers, but no more, no more. We will take every trade action necessary to achieve the fair and reciprocal treatment that the United States has offered to the rest of the world for decades. My message has resonated."

My message has resonated.
President Donald Trump

Trump discussed his visit to Vietnam, meetings and plans for sanctioning North Korea. Then, he mentioned his trip to the Philippines where they discussed the freedom of international waters and the South China Sea.

Met with the Prime Ministers of India, Australia and Japan to discuss shared commitment to the Indo-Pacific.

"Over the last two weeks we have made historic strides in reasserting American leadership, restoring American security, and reawakening American confidence. Everywhere we went I reaffirmed our vision for cooperation between proud, independent, and sovereign countries.

The president did not take any questions following his statement.

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