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That pumpkin beer you're drinking doesn't taste like pumpkin


Sorry to ruin your entire Autumn, but actual pumpkin kinda tastes like nothing. So all those lattes and stouts you're drinking this season don't taste like pumpkins, but they still taste good.

The Pumpkin Stout at Circa Brewing Company is a fan favorite and Head Brewmaster, Danny Bruckert, pulled back the curtain for us on how it's created.

So, when we found out a new restaurant and brewery was opening up in downtown Brooklyn, we were intrigued. And, with a name like Circa Brewing Company, we instantly had to hop on the train and check it out.

Circa Brewing Company is a fully-functioning brewery and restaurant that resides in a 6000 square foot former warehouse space on Brooklyn's Lawrence Street.

Twin brothers Danny and Luke Bruckert managed to forge complimentary careers, but on separate coasts. Danny's the Head Brewmaster and had been working at Sixpoint Brewery in Brooklyn while his brother, Luke, had been crafting some killer pizza at Little Oven Pizza in Portland, Oregon. Owner Gerry Rooney brought the brothers back together for this new venture, all about pizza and beer, the perfect siblings.

They brew all the beer they serve on-site and patrons already have a couple favorites that sell out quickly, the Pumpkin Stout being one.
(If you haven't yet, check out the video up top to get the inside scoop on what really flavors their pumpkin brew.)

The Bruckert brothers were very kind to host us at their establishment recently and we sampled a lot of Luke's food and lot of Danny's brew. In the middle of the day. For work. It was awesome.

We definitely had some favorites:

The folks at Circa Brewing Co. are so much fun and we know you'll think so, too. We really had the best time possible hanging out with them. We left with full bellies and can't wait to go back. Don't be surprised when you see Danny and Luke hilariously making fun of each other, as only brothers can, on their own show, which doesn't exist yet, but totally should.


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