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FILE - In this Monday, March 2, 2015 file photo, Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Android, Chrome and Apps, talks during a conference during the Mobile World Congress, the world's largest mobile phone trade show in Barcelona, Spain. Google is creating a new company, called Alphabet, to oversee its highly lucrative Internet business and a growing flock of other ventures, including some ? like building self-driving cars and researching ways to prolong human life ? that are known more for their ambition than for turning an immediate profit. Pichai will become CEO of Google's core business, including its search engine, online advertising operation and YouTube video service. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez, File)

Google's CEO said he'll 'drop everything' to fix its burger emoji


Google CEO Sundar Pichai says he will “drop everything” and correct the company’s controversial burger emoji.

Pichai weighed in after Twitter users began debating the symbol over the weekend, with many arguing over how it structures the burger’s ingredients.

Google’s burger emoji currently shows cheese underneath the meat patty and directly atop the burger’s bottom bun.

Pichai’s tweet has gotten 15,256 retweets and 39,218 likes since the tech company CEO posted it Saturday.

Analysis of Google’s burger emoji boiled over on Twitter on Saturday after author and media analyst Thomas Baekdal compared it to Apple’s version.

Apple’s burger emoji features lettuce between its bottom bun and meat patty, with cheese layered atop the latter.

Baekdal’s tweet has gotten 18,648 retweets and 38,091 likes since he posted it last Saturday, and it has also prompted other Twitter users to compare various companies’ burger emojis.

Some Twitter users posted diagrams including burger emojis from companies including Facebook, WhatsApp, Microsoft, Samsung and more.

Baekdal has since said he has studied how top chefs stack their burgers on YouTube, only to find there is no consensus standard on the matter.

The author has also vowed to revert back to “media analysist mode” rather than continue the burger debate.

The hamburger emoji is often called the “cheeseburger emoji,” according to Emojipedia, and was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010.

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The icon was then added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015, and companies now decide how to render a burger’s various ingredients as they see fit.

Most versions of the emoji include two buns, lettuce, tomato, cheese and a meat patty, while others have added sauces like ketchup and mayonnaise.

Pichai has not yet stated how Google will change its present edition of the emoji, if at all.

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