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Your dog absolutely needs one of these 10 adorable Halloween costumes


These are the 10 best Halloween costumes for your dog!
Let your doggo do a bamboozle this year.
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We hope you have some idea of what you're going to dress up as for Halloween this year, but have you thought about your dog's costume yet? Don't leave him out of all the holiday fun! There are so many good costume options for dogs (in fact, we're a little jealous). Pick any of these 10 costumes, and your dog is guaranteed to look absolutely adorable.

Find out what animal you were in a past life!
It was probably a pretty nice life.
Let's get started!

So whether or not you believe in past lives, it's kind of a nice thing to imagine. If life gets a little stressful, it can help to think back to, say, all of those years you spent as a pet cat, lovingly cared for in someone's home and without any true responsibilities! But were you a cat? Or did you pass your days in the jungle? Take our quiz to find out exactly what animal you used to be!

Can you tell the dog from the cat?
Doesn't sound that hard, does it?
Let's go!

Okay, you probably clicked on this quiz thinking, "I can obviously tell the dog from the cat. Why am I even taking this thing?" But it's not going to be that simple. Because we left out something in the headline, and it makes all the difference. This quiz is entirely based on close-up and often blurry pictures of fur.

Sounds harder, right? We thought so. But if you're a true animal lover, maybe you have that special skill of being able to tell animals apart based only their fur. And now is the time to put that very unique skill to use.

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