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Quiz: Test your memory with these stock photos of couples


Test your memory with these stock photos of couples!
How good is your attention to detail?
Let's begin!

When you look at a scene, how much are you really taking in? Do you actually notice the small details, like the color of someone's eyeshadow or the breed of dog in the background? It's time to pay attention, because we're going to test your memory using random stock photos of couples.

Here's how this quiz works. We'll show you a picture. Look at it for as long as you'd like, because once you move onto the questions, we won't be showing it to you again. Make sure you take in every little detail, no matter how small. You never know what we might ask!

And do you remember the top songs from 2007?
Yep, 2007 was actually ten years ago.
Take the quiz!

Want to give your memory another test? It's hard to believe that 2007 was actually ten years ago, but the math doesn't lie. These songs were all huge hits at the time, but how well do you actually remember them?

(Oh, and does anyone know if Akon is still touring? This is a very important question.)

How much do you remember from US history class?
Were you actually paying attention?
Take the quiz!

Okay, one more quiz for your memory! This time, let's revisit history class. Does anyone else feel like they learned about the Revolutionary War a million times? Like, over and over and over again. Every time I walked into history class, it seemed like it was time to hear about the Boston Tea Party and taxation without representation. I have a bunch of random facts permanently ingrained in my brain.

But how much do you actually remember? Because when you cram for tests at last minute like I did, there's no guarantee that you'll retain that info in the long term. Take this quiz to see how much of it actually stuck with you.

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