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WARNING: You may not be able to handle this extreme haunt called McKamey Manor

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: You may not be able to handle this extreme haunt called McKamey Manor


Viewer discretion is certainly advised.
McKamey Manor is considered an "extreme haunt", and is not your average haunted house. These type of experiences are slightly out of the mainstream and appeal to avid thrill seekers, even self-described masochists.

Russ McKamey is the man behind the madness of this extreme haunt. He told Circa that people often assume he's some sort of psychopath, but he insists he's far from it. McKamey is an entertainer. Plain and simple. He states that his main objective for the Manor is create a compelling horror film for each group of participants.

I just like to entertain, and I love to make movies. It's very easy to be creative and go outside the box when you're working with horror films.
Russ McKamey

Every second a person spends at the Manor is recorded. McKamey claims to have produced hundreds of movies throughout his 30 years of running the Manor. Most all of them can be found on his YouTube account McKamey Manor Presents. This is where his extreme haunt has garnered worldwide attention and a cult-like following of fans.

Unlike a typical haunted mansion, this horror tour has a list of requirements that must be met before being able to partake in the adventure. This includes a 40 page liability waiver that must be read out loud and on camera describing all possible scenarios that may occur. The other requirements are as follows:

1. Proof of age, 21 years and above, or 18-20 years old with a parental/guardian's consent.
2. A pre-screening Skype or FaceTime interview with Russ McKamey to determine if you're a right fit
3. Proof of health insurance
4. A letter from your doctor stating you're mentally and physically cleared to participate
5. Criminal background check for serious offenses
6. On site saliva swab drug screening. Due to the extreme nature of the haunt, everyone must be sober and clear headed.

We make sure it's an individualized show. No one tour is the same. They're all different, based upon your fears and phobias.
Russ McKamey

McKamey Manor spent the last 15 years or so in San Diego, California, before recently moving to Summertown, Tennessee just outside of Nashville. There have been different themes for the haunt over the years like "The Chamber" and "Extinction". The new tour in the South is called "Resurrection", and features a surprisingly pleasant addition called Holly's Playhouse. Holly Hevner was a passionate fan of the McKamey Manor movies and experience before meeting Russ and participating in The Chamber tour.

Hevner is a certified yoga instructor and fitness junkie that brings a whole new physical element to McKamey Manor. Holly's Playhouse is the first half of the Resurrection tour in Tennessee. If a participant can make it past her haunting jungle gym experience then they travel to Huntsville, Alabama and finish the tour one-on-one with McKamey himself. To date, no one has made it to the site in Alabama.

Why I think people are breaking so much on my playground is because we've got hundreds of stunts going on. I mean, imagine (the show) American Ninja Warrior, except blindfolded.
Holly Hevner

McKamey Manor's move to Tennessee hasn't been an easy one. According to McKamey, even the local County Commissioner released a statement to his Facebook page denouncing the Manor before the move was complete. McKamey says "On that page alone, I was getting death threats, and they outed me, as far as where I live at. They actually gave specific directions." The post caused quite a local stir and eventually had to be taken down. "As soon as we got here, it all started. I mean--boom! It was insane. It got so insane that the County Commissioner had to take if off his page."

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Amongst the backlash, Russ McKamey believes that it would all be resolved if people got to know him personally.

If they really knew me, they'd know me as a super conservative guy. I'm a Navy veteran of 23 years.
Russ McKamey speaking with Circa

McKamey doesn't make money off of his extreme haunt tour. In years past, he was sponsored by a local animal rescue and would take in dog food donations as payment for entry. When he's not occupied with terrorizing people for his horror films, he performs as a wedding DJ/singer through his website DJParty.org.

Extreme haunts are not for the faint-hearted, but be sure to watch the video above and make your own decision about the notorious McKamey Manor.

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