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Quiz: Plan an ideal first date, and we'll tell you when you'll get married


Plan an ideal first date, and we'll tell you when you'll get married
Will things move quickly for you?
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Everyone has a picture in their mind of the perfect first date, right? You probably know what types of activities you'd want to do, the clothing you'd like to wear, and what kind of person you'd be dating. So tell us all about it, and we'll predict when you're going to get married. Because if that first date truly goes perfectly, there might be a wedding in your near future.

Time for another quiz!

We know your relationship status based on your drinking habits!
How you choose to spend a Friday night says a lot about you.
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How do you spend a typical night out? The choices you make say a lot about you, from the number of drinks you have to what you do after you leave the bar. And specifically, your decisions at the bar or club make your relationship status very clear. At least, we think so. Let us know if we guess correctly!

What does your taste in seafood say about your love life?
The types of fish you like reveal all.
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It's really no secret that seafood is totally related to your love life. After all, oysters are one of the most well-known aphrodisiacs. And who wouldn't love a first date at a nice seafood restaurant? That's just a classy way to begin a relationship. But did you know just how much your taste in seafood can reveal? Fill us in on your favorite types of fish, and we'll tell you everything.

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