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This martial artist recreated the moves of some of your favorite video game characters


Eric Jacobus has found the most entertaining blend of physical fitness and video games. A professional martial artist and stuntman, he finds himself involved in a multitude of careers, from coordinating fights in films to motion-capturing for popular gaming titles. One avenue in particular is his presence on YouTube, where he has gained a significant following recreating popular fighting game characters' move sets.

Real Life Tekken - TKD with HWOARANG [Eric Jacobus]

When working on a video compilation of over 200 kicks called the Kicktionary, Jacobus researched multiple moves he could present, eventually turning his sights towards video games. That was when an idea popped into his head. After looking online, he could find no one that had taken combat seen in video games and performed them outright. It was then he decided to pursue the Real Life Tekken video series as a fun idea, where he would study the move lists from popular characters and recreate them on-camera.

The Kicktionary - 200+ kicks for action film by Eric Jacobus

Since posting the first video in November 2015, Jacobus has created several more, spanning games beyond Tekken. Now with more fans than ever, subscribers often make requests for characters from multiple games. When it comes to deciding which character to do, time and difficulty are highly considered. The time it takes to master a full move set varies greatly, ranging from a few hours to several weeks.

Aside from these videos, he also posts a wide variety of martial-arts related content on his channel. Several instructional videos have been created that showcase how to perform a specific move step-by-step, as well as how to condition your body to act them out. He also works on a variety of short-films with a crew that he grew up with, coordinating fights and acting in them accordingly.

Blindsided - A Clayton J. Barber Film Starring Eric Jacobus

Overall, Jacobus found a way to blend his passion for film-making, martial arts and gaming into his online presence. His hopes are for others to be inspired by what he does and to pursue creative interests of their own.

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