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Jim Henson and the muppets

Take a peek into some of Jim Henson's groundbreaking work including the Muppets


You probably remember watching "Sesame Street" and or the "Muppet Show" when you were younger but you may or may not have known who was behind creating the Muppets. Jim Henson brought the Muppets to life and transformed popular culture as we know it. He made a significant impact through his revolutionary work for television and film which the MoPop Musuem in Seattle, Washington perfectly curated. The exhibit features photos, scripts, character sketches and of course the puppets. The puppets on display have been either used on TV or on film.

Exhibit curator, Brooks Peck explained how Henson had a unique and boundless imagination and while most people may know him for the "Muppets Show" and "Sesame Street", he was also involved in the cult classic film "The Labyrinth" and "The Dark Crystal". "He was working on all these things and the exhibition really reveals that creative process and that creative mind that he had and it's called "Imagination Unlimited" for a really good reason because that was the way his brain was for sure." Since opening this past spring, the exhibit has been bustling with visitors daily.

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The display also highlights television clips, iconic costumes, behind-the-scenes footage, and visitors are even given the chance to attempt puppeteering on camera and you can even design your own puppet.

Costumes used in the ballroom scene in the movie 'The Labyrinth.'

Jim Henson passed away in 1990, but since his passing his legacy continues to live on. After his death Henson's children began management of The Jim Henson Company.

You can even design your own puppet

"I think Jim Henson had a really unique and a kind of boundless imagination."
Brooks Peck, exhibit curator

For more information on scheduling your visit to the "Jim Henson Exhibit" at MoPop visit mopop.org

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