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Mexico Earthquake

Rescuers in Mexico are racing to free a girl trapped in the rubble of her collapsed school


Updated September 21, 2017 06:39 AM EDT

Rescuers work early Thursday to free people trapped under rubble after Tuesday's earthquake in Mexico.

Updated September 20, 2017 09:54 PM EDT

A heavy rain began to fall Wednesday night as rescuers continued working to free at least one child trapped beneath the rubble of her collapsed school in Mexico City.

The rain could add more instability to the already teetering pile of rubble left behind after a 7.1-magnitude quake hit central Mexico Tuesday, killing more than 230 people.

Workers spotted the girl buried beneath debris early Wednesday and shouted to her to move her hand if she could hear them. When she did, they sent a rescue dog in to confirm she was alive.

Crews are still working to reach the child.

So far, at least 52 people have been pulled from the rubble left behind by the earthquake, according to Mexico City's Social Development Department.

Updated September 20, 2017 12:54 PM EDT

More than 220 people are confirmed dead following Tuesday's 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico.

Rescue workers continue to dig through the rubble of collapsed buildings in search of survivors.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said President Trump "had a lengthy call" with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Wednesday.

Updated September 20, 2017 10:56 AM EDT

Rescue efforts continue in Mexico after the earthquake.

Updated September 20, 2017 06:54 AM EDT

The number of confirmed deaths following Mexico's deadliest earthquake in decades stood at 217 people early Wednesday as resecue efforts there continued.

The official Twitter feed of Luis Felipe Puente, Mexico's civil defense agency head, said 86 deaths had been counted in Mexico City and another 71 were recorded in Morelos state, which is just south of the capital.

Forty-three people died in Puebla state, it continued, which was were the earthquake was centered, and another 12 deaths occured in the State of Mexico, which surrounds Mexico city on three sides.

Puente's tweets added that Tuesday's magnitude-7.1 earthquake killed four people in Guerrero state and one person in Oaxaca state as well.

One of Wednesday's most desperate rescue efforts was centered on a primary and secondary school in southern Mexico City, where a wing of the three-story building collapsed into a mass of concrete slabs.

Mexico's Education Department on late Tuesday reported that 25 bodies had been found in the school's wreckage, with all but four of them children.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto earlier Tuesday had reported 22 bodies had been found, adding 30 children and eight adults had reportedly gone missing.

Reports were unclear Wednesday morning on whether the 217 confirmed death toll included the bodies recovered from the school's wreckage.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Updated September 19, 2017 10:55 PM EDT

The head of Mexico's civil defense agency told the Associated Press that the nationwide death toll from Tuesday's powerful earthquake has risen to 149.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres released a statement Tuesday night, expressing his condolences to the people of Mexico. The United Nations also said it is ready to assist Mexico in the aftermath of the quake.

Updated September 19, 2017 08:44 PM EDT

The nationwide death toll from Tuesday's magnitude 7.1 quake in central Mexico has risen to 120. That's the largest number of fatalities in a Mexican earthquake since the 1985 quake that killed thousands, according to the Associated Press.

Updated September 19, 2017 07:05 PM EDT

The death toll from Mexico's powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake is rapidly rising. At least 104 people were killed as buildings collapsed in plumes of dust.

Updated September 19, 2017 06:44 PM EDT

The death toll from Tuesday's powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake in central Mexico has risen to 79.

Updated September 19, 2017 06:20 PM EDT

The death toll from a powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake that rocked central Mexico on Tuesday has risen to 61.

Morelos Gov. Graco Ramirez said that at least 42 people died in his state. At least 11 others died in Puebla state, according to a spokesman for the state's Interior Department.

In addition, Gov. Alfredo del Mazo said at least eight died in the State of Mexico, which borders the capital.

Updated September 19, 2017 04:43 PM EDT

At least 44 are dead after a powerful magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocked central Mexico on Tuesday.

Morelos Gov. Graco Ramirez said that at least 42 people had died in his state south of Mexico City.

Dramatic video captured during the earthquake shows a mid-rise building collapsing into a cloud of dust. It remains unclear whether there was anyone inside at the time.

A powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake shook Mexico City on Tuesday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake's center was located near the town of Raboso, which is about 76 miles southeast of Mexico City.


Mexico's seismological agency, however, calculated the quake's preliminary magnitude at 6.8 and said its center was east of the city in the state of Puebla.

There is no word on the extent of the damage the quake caused, but it sent people running from buildings along the city's central Reforma Avenue.

Earlier this month, a powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake killed at least 90 people in states along Mexico's southern coast.

Earlier in the day, businesses across the city held preparation drills on the anniversary of a 1985 quake that did major damage to the country's capital.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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