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From giant golfing robots to soda simulators, these are the weirdest VR games out there


The accessibility of virtual reality has resulted in the creation of hundreds of compatible titles in the past few years alone. In that short span of time, some very interesting games have been pushed out onto the market. These are some of the weirdest ones yet.

100ft Robot Golf
Developer | No Goblin

In this title, players choose from a series of giant mechas to golf with. Rather than playing on a standard course, cities and large landscapes are used instead. Almost everything in your path, such as buildings and structures, can be destroyed with a simple swing which can be used advantageously. Each robot has its own skills and play style that gamers can adapt to.

Soda Drinker Pro VR
Developer | Will Brierly

This game is meant simply to simulate drinking a soda. That's really it. There are different stages and settings for where you perform the act, including the beach, the woods and even space. A meter measures how much soda you have left in your can. Once you finish it, you move on to the next stage. Bonus sodas can also be collected, but are not needed to finish the game. This title was originally developed over the course of one day in 2008.

Self Portrait (Interior)
Developer | Theo Triantafyllidis

Self Portrait is definitely an interesting one. It was developed for a virtual reality exhibition platform promoting New Media Art and was commissioned by the Digital Museum of Digital Art. The game explores multiple facets of the artist's thoughts, including his fears, view on free will, as well as the depiction of his own body. You start outside of what looks to be a giant, decapitated head, only to enter his body and explore within. During your travels, a male voice whispers soft, but disturbing comments to you until you eventually reach the end of the game.


Developer | Crows Crows Crows

Despite its name, this game has little to do with accounting at all. The gameplay consists of your character taking part in a VR experiment to test effective and efficient methods of accounting. You then put on another in-game VR headset that begins that series of chaotic events to follow. You essentially become trapped in this virtual world and must solve multiple strange puzzles to escape. The game is filled with animated and lively characters that talk or yell non-stop until you figure out what you need to do which can go on for several minutes at a time.

BUTTS: The VR Experience
Developer | Tyler Hurd

If none of the other choices have been weird enough for you this one just might be. Though this is more of an animated short than a game, it definitely will make you watch a few times. The video is only a few minutes long and tells the tale of two characters who share their talents with each other, consisting primarily of confetti and flatulence. According to the developer, this experience is about "love, trust, and learning what it means to be truly free."

Virtual reality is not letting up any time soon, so as the quality of games improves in years to come, we may just see more of these obscure titles begin to pop up. Which of these do you want to try?

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