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What 'Digital Nomads' can teach us about making money and staying on our grind




Sarah Gallo hair flip

Nomads, or people who roam the earth moving with the seasons, have seen their lifestyle surpassed by comfortable community living. However, the nomadic spirit is making a comeback among millennials.

Social media has become so integrated into our lives that millennials have found a way to use social platforms to create profits that they can use to support themselves while traveling full-time. These "digital nomads" have found that they can make a living by becoming brand ambassadors, pursuing travel photography, and other creative outlets.

Sarah Gallo cliff diving

Sarah Gallo from Redding, Connecticut, is 5 feet of unabashed energy. She started traveling full-time in 2013. On her first trip, Gallo conquered her crippling fear of flying and went to Buenos Aires, Argentina for her final semester abroad at NYU. Gallo walked out of her last final and never looked back! She went on to “ see the salt flats in Bolivia" and "trekked through Patagonia. She even spent Christmas in Antarctica and celebrated the new year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Gallo has set foot on every continent and traveled to 82 countries, 7 continents in exactly 4 years.

Sarah Gasso skydiving in Buenos Aires

Like others living a similar lifestyle, Gallo has multiple sources of revenue to support her professional traveling career. She founded ‘The Five Foot traveler,’ a travel blog dedicated to different forms of luxury and budget travel, cultural immersion, and adventure activities such as sky diving! On her website,<u> thefivefoottraveler.com</u>, there are links that people or companies can click to work with her as a sponsor or brand ambassador. She also mentors new clients through her e-book and the how-to programs for another source of income.

Sarah Gallo in the rockies

Gallo has worked hard to create an online following, with 41K Instagram followers, and an an equally impressive Facebook fandom, she has joined the ranks of some of the most popular nomads. Her positive outlook makes her a true role model for anyone who wishes to take a stab at this nomadic lifestyle. Gallo loves what she does, and is living her best life by making her wanderlust dreams become reality.

Sarah Gallo repelling from a tour

A perk to this lifestyle is the constant flexibility. One can work hours that suit them. Gallup's State of the American Workplace was published in February 2017 and revealed that more Americans work from home, and for longer periods of time since 2013. Working remotely is becoming more mainstream, and office life may soon diminish in a big way.

However, there are downsides to being a nomadic traveler, in that income can fluctuate monthly. One month a nomad might have a high profit due to sales of their e-books. The next, maybe not so much. Nomadic life is not easy, building a web presence takes time, and travel can become grueling.

Sarah Gallo 360

The key to this lifestyle is to find the balance of working online, and being able to enjoy travel.

Rainbow Mountains

Great Wall of China

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