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Quiz: Can you match the celebrity to their less famous spouse or ex?


Can you match the celebrity to their less famous spouse or ex?
Sometimes stars actually date normal people.
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So celebrities usually marry other celebrities, and that actually makes a lot of sense, right? It must be hard for them to relate to non-famous people (and vice versa). Normal people probably can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to be famous, so how could they properly connect with a celebrity on a personal level?

But if you've always dreamed of marrying your celeb crush, there's still hope. Some celebrities actually have spouses who are way less well-known than they are. Can you match these stars to their less famous spouses?

Which song from this year describes your current relationship?
We've heard some seriously relatable lyrics lately.
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Do you ever hear a song and immediately think of your relationship? Some lyrics can seem tailor-made for your particular situation. After all, pop stars fall in love and go through breakups too. And so far this year, there have been plenty of songs about love. But which one perfectly describes your love life? That's what we're here to tell you!

How well do you know Taylor Swift's lyrics?
You might end up with some of these songs stuck in your head.
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When it comes to Taylor Swift's music, it's hard not to find yourself singing along. Whether she's your all-time favorite artist or your guilty pleasure, there's really no denying that she knows how to make a catchy song. I mean, that's how she got so popular. Her songs get stuck in your head pretty easily. And if you've ever been in love or been dumped, the lyrics can be very relatable, making them even more fun to sing.

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