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Cheese tea is the new drink trend that could knock boba tea off its pedestal

Cheese tea is the new drink trend that could knock boba tea off its pedestal


A few years ago, boba tea was all anyone could talk about. It popped up on menus across the world. But boba finally has competition:

Cheese. Tea. Cheesy tea.

Have I lost you? Just hear me out.

Cheese tea is trending sooo hard on social media right now. It’s definitely “the drink of the moment” and being reviewed and covered by every food outlet known to mankind right now.

Little Fluffy Head in downtown LA is serving up this new drink trend, which also comes from Asia. It’s savory cold tea, served with a generous heaping pile of sweet and savory cream cheese foam. It looks like beer at first, but tastes like heaven. The tea comes in different flavors, and so does the cheese, so you can mix and match how you'd like.

The cream cheese topping may sound extremely out of place with the iced teas, but somehow the flavors blend well together in a sweet/salty/savory kind of way. The cheese will give you an intense milk mustache, but then again I can already imagine all the cutesy mustache posts on Instagram that will come out of this drink trend. Use a straw, if you don’t care to do it for the ‘Gram.

Will it have lasting power, like boba tea? Hard to say. I don’t think this has the universal appeal of boba, since a lot of people today have dietary restrictions that could rule this one out (unlike boba, which is just tapioca). I can say, though, that it’s definitely worth trying. I was very pleasantly surprised by the flavor combination, even though I was dubious at first.

So, would you try it?

Here's another place in LA that's attracting huge crowds - PBJ LA, which exclusively serves variations of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

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