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An Oklahoma man went on a racist rant after overhearing a woman speaking Spanish inside a store


Maty Roberts, a Mexican-born American citizen, was shopping at a Goodwill store in Durant, Oklahoma with her daughter and daughter's boyfriend when she had an unpleasant confrontation with a racist man at the checkout line. Roberts decided to record the ordeal on her cell phone when her daughter told her that the man was bothering her and calling her a "wetback."

Roberts starts recording when she confronts the man, asking him "Sir, are you the one that hates wetbacks?" She then informs him that she's an American citizen. This sparks the man to go on a hateful tirade. "Wetbacks, wetbacks. Cause your an immigrant," he says while aggressively approaching her and her cell phone camera.

Roberts proceeded to tell the man she she's not a wetback and she speaks English to which he replied "I don't give a damn what you are. You're in immigrant ain't you?"

We reached out to Roberts and she told us she posted the video to her Facebook page because she feels it's important that she stand up to bullying.

"I'm an American citizen born in Mexico, naturalized few years ago. I will not tolerate bullying of any kind."
Maty Roberts

The verbal confrontation continued inside the store before the man went outside and got in his car. At this point a police officer showed up. It's not clear who called the officer but he can be seen listening to both sides. Roberts continued to record the ordeal on her cell phone.

The man is heard telling the officer to "get that bitch out of here." He admits to calling her a wetback and says "I'll show you World War III, it starts right here. IMMIGRANT, IMMIGRANT, IMMIGRANT," he continued to call her.

The man eventually drove off but not before telling her and the officer "On this side of the Red River, north of the Rio Grande, north of the Red River, we speak English and English only.”

Roberts told us that this situation was a great example of what's going on with race relations in this country.

"It is not about race with this man, (it) is about the fact that they think they can (harass) people and get away with it. Many people are just like him. We all need to stand up, speak up. No violence necessary - exposure, ridicule their ... ignorance."
Maty Roberts

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