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What's your sign? An astrologer talks about finding the true you.


Have you tried asking people what their astrological signs are? Sometimes, people don’t know. Sometimes they excitedly tell you, happy to discuss horoscopes. Sometimes, they scoff, and look derisive, like, “You believe in that bullshit?”

A good follow up question to that is if they know what their Myers-Brigg type is or MBTI.

MBTI types are based on the typological theory of Carl Jung, and the test was formulated by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. It’s generally a 70 question test that will, eventually, determine whether you are introverted or extroverted; intuitive or sensing; thinking or feeling; judging or perceiving. It’s become "super popular" among “business types” recently -- execs who want a quick and easy way to put employees into boxes. MBTI is often used in hiring methods.

The universe

When it comes down to MBTI and astrological signs, both have about the same grounding in science. That is, they don’t have much, if any. So, what are MBTIs?

The problem is that there’s no real evidence that MBTI types work. But that doesn’t mean that we should all flip the bird toward MBTI and immediately dive into our natal charts. We could. That honestly sounds pretty fun.

But astrology has, if possible, even less scientific merit than MBTI does, even if it is more complicated. There’s never been any real proof that astrological types correlate to anything.

When speaking to professional astrologer Randy Goldberg, I was surprised to learn he had much of the same opinions. He spoke about astrology’s frankly awful reputation, and was quick to say that astrology wasn’t fact at all, but rather a discussion and a way to look deeper into personality traits.

He did concede that the MBTI had more grounding in scientific rationale, but didn’t take it very seriously. “Myers-Briggs is watered down...I don’t find it half as interesting as astronomy.” He has a good point.
One of the things he emphasized throughout our discussion was the idea that astronomy wasn’t some one and done thing, like Myers-Briggs. It was a story, or a journey. To put it in his own words, it’s a “mythic-poetic language.”

the stars in the sky

People might be surprised to learn that Carl Jung, the creator of the base personality types for the MBTI, was very into astrology. Goldberg went deeper into this, discussing how certain signs might correspond to personality types, such as the fact that fire signs, such as Aries, are more likely to be extroverted.
That doesn’t mean both these tests aren’t fun, or useful. Astrology is popular in India to check out potential life partners. In the end, it just depends on your mindset, and what you’re personally looking for at the moment.

Signs of Astrology

And maybe if Mercury’s in retrograde. That’s important, apparently.

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