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These are the real-life filming locations of your favorite TV shows


These are the real-life filming locations of your favorite TV shows.
We want to go to so many of these places.
Let's go!

Filming doesn't always necessarily happen in the show's actual setting... particularly if it's a fictitious setting like Westeros. Seriously, all of the landscapes in "Game of Thrones" are absolutely incredible. But where in the world are they? View our slideshow to find out where "Game of Thrones" and your other favorite TV shows were shot!

Could you survive as a character in "Game of Thrones"?
You probably can't.
Test your luck!

There are a million ways that you can die in "Game of Thrones." Maybe you'd end up getting poisoned. Or maybe you'd meet a noble end in a tough battle. You could end up being lunch for a dragon. If even your favorite characters can't survive, how can you expect to actually make it?

But maybe you have that special touch, and you'll actually end up alive. And if not, there's always the chance of resurrection. Take the quiz and find out how you'd do!

Which "House of Cards" character are you most like?
Ever wondered if you're more of a Frank or a Claire?
Let's get started!

Being successful in the world of "House of Cards" might be as tough as surviving "Game of Thrones." Have you ever wondered which of the characters you're most like? Are you Frank? Or could you be more of a Claire? Or maybe you're most like Conway? Take our quiz to find out which character best matches your own personality!

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