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Drone tinder date

Would you ever go on a Tinder date with a drone? Here's how one girl launched a drone Tinder experiment.


If you have ever been on a Tinder date, you probably have felt awkward, nervous, excited and or all the above. But what if you were meeting a drone instead of your tinder date? Your first reaction is probably WTF! But hear us out. This isn't your typical Tinder date, it includes a step by step process complete with a PDF document that a date receives before the date. Danielle Baskin had never been on Tinder or any other online dating site for that matter before she decided to put her drone on Tinder. What started as a way to post photos of her drone's outfits, turned into a way to create a Tinder profile to see what would happened.

"I put my drone on Tinder not intending to actually match with anyone."
Danielle Baskin, owner of the drone

Shortly after creating a profile she immediately started matching with everyone she would swipe right on and had around 200 matches in just a few weeks. Now she has hundreds of matches on Tinder who message her a plethora of drone-related pick up lines, such as "Can you make me a map to your heart," "Did an angel fall from the sky," and "I just want to control your motors."

Here is the Tinder profile of the drone

"I had never been on Tinder before and I saw someone using (it) and (was) like what is it like to be on Tinder? And I kinda put the drone and Tinder together and thought, 'I should just put my drone on Tinder, then I don't have to be on Tinder.'"

No, the drone doesn't fly but it does talk through Bluetooth software, which Baskin is controlling and speaking through a "vo-coder," which completely disguises her voice. Although she hasn't met her love match, she explained that she hopes to meet new people and make new friends, if she happens to find her match that's a bonus.

"It’s really interesting having a drone on Tinder because you don’t have to do small talk things like what do you do and look at all these biographical facts about someone. You kinda of just immediately delve into this surreal situation and can gauge a lot of about someone’s personality from how they interact with this like weird external thing versus just trying to get to know you. So I think its an interesting way to glimpse into someone's personality that couldn’t necessarily be achieved if you had a list of facts about you."

Here is a part of the document Baskin sends to her dates

But at the end of the day, Baskin stated that she prefers to meet people in real life versus online. "It's great to eliminate all the biographical facts about people and just see what their personality is like through how they react to a drone," Baskin said.

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