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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 looks good enough to make you forget the Note 7 disaster

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 looks good enough to make you forget the Note 7 disaster


If you’ve been a Galaxy Note fan for a while, then you were probably a little peeved that Samsung blew it with last year’s Note 7. But at first glance of the Note 8, you may forgive all of that.

Because the torchbearer (sorry) for the recalled and banned Note 7 is officially here, and it’s a big deal.

A pair of 8s: Note and Galaxy S+
The Note 8 (left) pictured with the slightly smaller, slightly more rounded Galaxy S8+ (right).

The Galaxy Note 8 has a giant 6.3-inch screen – six-tenths of an inch larger than the Note 7, one-tenth of an inch bigger the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and offers almost a full inch more viewing area than the iPhone 7 Plus.

Of course, the Galaxy S8 Infinity display has been brought over to the latest Note. So, like Samsung’s other premiere phones, the Note 8 has tons of screen while maintaining its palm-ability. But that also means the fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone has been moved to the back – in the same odd place as the S8’s.

The Note flavor of Samsung’s bezel-averse display drops the rounded corners seen on the S8 and S8+ to follow the more straightforward look of the Note series.

This is how the Note 8 stacks up against the Note 7.

Most all of the expected performance bumps over last year’s flash-in-the-pan Note model are here, too: a faster processor, more RAM and the latest and greatest version of Android – 7.1 Nougat.

Where Samsung actually pulled the power back was in the battery. Which, given that those were exploding in the last Note release, could be for the best. Either way, the Note 8, even with a depleted 3,300 mAh battery, still outpaces the iPhone Plus's power bank (2,900 mAh).

More: The Note is again water-resistant and, with Gorilla Glass 5, shatter-resistant. And it’s, of course, packing an S Pen stylus, which is still exactly as useful or unuseful as ever, according to your preference.

How does the Note 8 compare to the iPhone 7 Plus? Take a look.

And even though Samsung gave the Note 8 the same 12 megapixel, 1.7 aperture camera sensor found on the Note 7 and this year’s Galaxy S8 phones, it has a brand new second lens a la the iPhone Plus or LG V phones. So, not an original idea, but it does mean 2x optical zoom is now on board and so is the ability to take blurred-background photos – or Portrait style pics.

Samsung Note 8 camera
The Note 8's dual-lens camera can take a wide-angle and close-up pic at the same time.

All in all, with boosts in screen, speed and camera capabilities, the Note 8 picks right back up in Samsung’s tradition of not just offering the device line as a stylus-touting take on the Galaxy S, but a full-on premium take.

You may have been furious when rumors sounded last year that Samsung was canceling the Note series forever. But that only makes the the announcement of the powerful Note 8 – in two colors, on sale September 15th – that much sweeter, doesn't it?

(The only to gripe with may be the price tag. Though Samsung hasn't yet confirmed how the Note 8 will be priced by phone carriers and retail stores, rumors have it starting at well over $800.)

Samsung Note Snapchat
It's official: The Note remains the best camera for Snapchat.

So what do you say? Maybe it’s time you and Samsung bury the hatchet ... or stylus?

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