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Ever wish you could say exactly what you meant to your dentist?


Honest Encounters: Dentist Appointment

When it comes to ranking human anxieties, "going to the dentist" definitively comes in at number one above things like "sudden death," "spiders crawling into your brain and laying eggs," and even "public speaking." Maybe this fear comes from the lies we have to tell our dentists ("Of course I brush three times a day! I don't just pass out from exhaustion each night without brushing!"). What if we stopped being polite to our teeth cleaners... and started getting real?

Honest Encounters: Running Into Your Ex

Randomly seeing an ex is like being told, "You have to play chess against a Grandmaster RIGHT NOW!" Both sides must make spontaneously strategic moves. How do you ask if they're seeing someone without being obvious? What's the best way to hint that you're doing so great without them? What if, for one second, you could just flip the dang chess board?

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